Strychnine Gangstaz – Strychnine Gangstaz


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1 Welcome To Strychnine (Intro) 03:08
2 Bring Me Darkness 05:28
3 Lil Cholo Mira 04:42
4 Deep In Love 03:45
5 Comin’ Out The Hillz 04:57
6 Always On My Mind 03:55
7 Rollin Deep 05:02
8 Kill ‘Em All 05:51
9 Redrum Murder 05:34
10 Sending Slugs On A Mission 03:58
11 Can You Smoke Me Out 03:40
12 Can You Smoke Me Out (Instrumental) 04:00
13 Devilistman 04:00
14 Now Get The Fuck Out (Outro) 02:03


“Strychnine Gangstaz” is a self-titled album by the rap group hailing from Napa, California. Released in 1999 by Rabbit Records, the album is available exclusively on cassette tape, making it a rare and sought-after collector’s item. With a distinctive G-Funk style, the album features a raw and gritty sound that encapsulates the essence of the late ’90s West Coast hip-hop scene.

The album kicks off with “Welcome To Strychnine (Intro),” setting the stage for the group’s unique style and energy. “Bring Me Darkness” and “Lil Cholo Mira” showcase the group’s storytelling skills, delving into the realities of street life and the challenges faced by those in their community.

“Deep In Love” and “Always On My Mind” highlight the group’s versatility, providing a more introspective and emotional side to their music. These tracks focus on love, relationships, and the personal struggles that come with them.

“Comin’ Out The Hillz” and “Rollin Deep” capture the essence of the group’s signature G-Funk sound, featuring heavy basslines and catchy hooks that are sure to get listeners moving.

On side B, “Kill ‘Em All” and “Redrum Murder” bring the intensity with aggressive lyrics and hard-hitting beats, while “Sending Slugs On A Mission” continues the trend of delivering powerful storytelling through their music.

“Can You Smoke Me Out” is a laid-back anthem for the smokers, followed by its instrumental version, giving fans the opportunity to appreciate the production behind the track. “Devilistman” showcases the group’s ability to create a sinister and haunting atmosphere in their music.

The album comes to a close with “Now Get The Fuck Out (Outro),” a fitting conclusion to a raw and unfiltered project that stays true to the group’s roots and the authentic West Coast hip-hop sound.


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