Stevie Joe – The Leak 3


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1 Stevie Joe Mike Epps Intro 00:25
2 Stevie Joe Right Back Lit 03:22
Featuring – Lazy-Boy, Mozzy
3 TD Slaps Girls On Cali 03:49
Featuring – Devon Sanders, J. Stalin, Stevie Joe, Scoot Hoodstarz
4 Stevie Joe Like A Foo Remix 05:17
Featuring – Larry June, Chippass, Young Chop, Birch Boy Barie, Semi Auto CEC
5 Stevie Joe Fat Boy Skit 00:40
6 Stevie Joe Hella M’s 02:46
Featuring – 4rAx
7 Stevie Joe Magic 03:01
Featuring – Armani DePaul
8 Stevie Joe Motive 03:44
Featuring – Devon Sanders
9 Stevie Joe Pray 03:47


“The Leak 3” is a mixtape by Stevie Joe, an American rapper from Oakland, California. Released on September 15, 2017, by Green Carpet / Livewire, the project includes features by Mozzy, J. Stalin, Larry June, and others.

The mixtape starts with an intro by comedian Mike Epps, leading into the first track “Right Back Lit” featuring Lazy-Boy and Mozzy. The next track, “Girls On Cali,” is by TD Slaps featuring Devon Sanders, J. Stalin, Stevie Joe, and Scoot Hoodstarz.

One of the standout tracks on the mixtape is “Like A Foo Remix,” featuring Larry June, Chippass, Young Chop, Birch Boy Barie, and Semi Auto CEC. The track blends different styles and flows, with each rapper delivering a unique verse over the hard-hitting beat.

The mixtape also includes skits and interludes, such as “Fat Boy Skit” and “Leak Season Intro,” adding to the overall feel and concept of the project. Other notable tracks include “Hella M’s” featuring 4rAx, “Magic” featuring Armani DePaul, and “Motive” featuring Devon Sanders.

Overall, “The Leak 3” showcases Stevie Joe’s skill as a rapper and his ability to collaborate with other artists. With its diverse range of features and hard-hitting beats, the mixtape is a must-listen for fans of West Coast hip-hop and Bay Area rap.



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