Steven G – ShowGreat3


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1 Wishing On A Star 02:52
Featuring – Angelica
2 Blue Hunnads 03:12
3 Forever 21 03:06
4 Ah Yea 03:05
5 Handcuffs 03:30
6 Super Villain 02:12
7 G-Narly 02:03
8 Day By Day 03:37


“ShowGreat3” is a compelling mixtape by Los Angeles-based rapper Steven G, released on May 31, 2019, by Artclub. This project showcases Steven G’s remarkable talent as a rapper, blending contemporary hip-hop elements with his distinctive flow and lyrical abilities.

The mixtape features eight tracks, each offering a unique sound and narrative, highlighting Steven G’s versatility as an artist. The opening track, “Wishing On A Star,” features the melodious vocals of Angelica, creating a harmonious blend of rap and R&B. This track sets the tone for the entire project, giving listeners a taste of Steven G’s diverse style.

“Blue Hunnads” and “Forever 21” showcase Steven G’s prowess in crafting catchy hooks and memorable verses, while “Ah Yea” and “Handcuffs” demonstrate his ability to experiment with different beats and sounds. “Super Villain” and “G-Narly” offer a more aggressive and energetic vibe, highlighting the rapper’s adaptability in different musical landscapes.

The mixtape concludes with “Day By Day,” a reflective track that demonstrates Steven G’s introspective side, as he explores themes of perseverance and personal growth. This powerful finale solidifies the project’s impact and leaves listeners eager for more.

“ShowGreat3” is a testament to Steven G’s artistic growth and his dedication to creating innovative and authentic music. It’s a must-listen for hip-hop enthusiasts who appreciate diverse sounds and thought-provoking lyrics.

For those seeking an exciting and dynamic hip-hop project, “ShowGreat3” is the perfect mixtape that showcases Steven G’s undeniable talent and passion for the genre.



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