Steffon – Trippin Wit No Luggage


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1 Intro 01:43
2 Frost Bit 05:21
3 Cool Brown Brother 04:32
4 Uncut Funk 04:45
5 Jack Of All Trades 04:38
6 Young & Trippin 05:29
7 Where Ya At 04:01
8 Open The Door 01:43
9 P-Hop Hour 04:03
10 Got 2 B Free 04:58
11 Funk Like Me 03:50
12 I Can’t Stand It 03:50
13 Remember The Dayz 04:05
14 Steffon’s In The House 05:16


“Trippin Wit No Luggage” is the one and only studio album by Los Angeles rapper Steffon, released on July 26, 1994, under the legendary Ruthless Records label. The 14-track album showcases Steffon’s lyrical prowess and distinctive flow, offering a diverse selection of hip-hop styles and themes.

The album opens with a brief “Intro,” setting the stage for the energetic “Frost Bit” and the smooth, laid-back vibes of “Cool Brown Brother.” Steffon’s versatility is on full display with tracks like “Uncut Funk” and “Jack Of All Trades,” demonstrating his ability to adapt to different beats and styles effortlessly. “Young & Trippin” and “Where Ya At” provide a glimpse into the mindset of a young rapper navigating the complexities of life and the music industry.

“Open The Door” and “P-Hop Hour” showcase Steffon’s affinity for catchy hooks and memorable choruses, while “Got 2 B Free” and “Funk Like Me” celebrate personal freedom and individuality. The album takes a more introspective turn with “I Can’t Stand It” and “Remember The Dayz,” where Steffon reflects on past experiences and emotions. Finally, “Steffon’s In The House” serves as a fitting conclusion to the album, leaving listeners with a lasting impression of the rapper’s undeniable talent.

Steffon, whose real name is Steffon Sam, began his career as a dancer for Breeze and the L.A. Posse before transitioning to rapping. He later became a member of the rap group PowerPlant 420 alongside B.O.X. and now goes by the moniker Roach Killa. “Trippin Wit No Luggage” stands as a testament to Steffon’s early promise and talent as an artist, offering a unique glimpse into his evolution and growth.



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