Spanky Loco – Loco Life: 13 Year Anniversary


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1 Intro (Who Shot Me) 00:46
2 Spanky Loco 03:18
3 City Of Angels 04:14
Featuring – Kokane
4 You Don’t Really Know 03:44
Featuring – Blunts LLA
5 Loco 03:37
Featuring – Kokane
6 Kush 04:10
7 La Leezee 03:52
Featuring – Huero Snipes, Ms Justice
8 Boys In The Hood 03:27
Featuring – Huero Snipes
9 Get Got 03:58
Featuring – Jayo Felony
10 Interlude El Paletero 00:41
11 En El Varrio 03:40
Featuring – Nasty Boy
12 In The West 02:51
Featuring – Mc Eiht
13 West Coast Gee 03:51
Featuring – Huero Snipes
14 Interlude Just A Few Words 00:18
15 Let’s Ride On ‘Em 03:56
Featuring – Tattoo Silent, Kokane
16 I’m A Gun 03:47
17 G-Izm 03:21
18 F.R.E.A.K. 04:11
Featuring – 40 Glocc
19 I Can’t Get Enough 03:46
20 How We Roll 02:31
Featuring – Bad Azz
21 I Broke The Regal 04:25
22 Trigger Gots No Heart (Bonus Track) 04:05
Featuring – C Bo
23 Trucha (Bonus Track) 03:28
24 Mis Chinos (Bonus Track) 02:58
25 Outro 01:08


“Loco Life: 13 Year Anniversary” is a compelling album by Los Angeles-based rapper Spanky Loco, released on March 17, 2017, under The Real 310 West Ent. The album is a celebration of Spanky Loco’s 13-year music journey and features collaborations with renowned artists such as Kokane, Blunts LLA, Huero Snipes, Ms Justice, Jayo Felony, Nasty Boy, Mc Eiht, Tattoo Silent, 40 Glocc, Bad Azz, and C Bo. With 25 tracks, the album showcases Spanky Loco’s versatility as an artist and his ability to work with a diverse range of talents.

The album starts with a mysterious “Intro (Who Shot Me)” before diving into a self-titled track, “Spanky Loco,” which highlights the rapper’s signature style. “City of Angels,” featuring Kokane, is a tribute to Los Angeles, while “You Don’t Really Know,” featuring Blunts LLA, is a hard-hitting track that questions the authenticity of others.

“Loco,” another collaboration with Kokane, is an ode to the rapper’s persona, while “Kush” is a laid-back track celebrating the popular plant. “La Leezee” features Huero Snipes and Ms Justice, showcasing their unique talents. “Boys In The Hood” offers a gritty look at life in the streets with Huero Snipes.

“Get Got,” featuring Jayo Felony, is an aggressive anthem, and “En El Varrio,” with Nasty Boy, dives deep into the neighborhood’s culture. “In The West,” featuring Mc Eiht, pays homage to West Coast rap, and “West Coast Gee” further explores the West Coast lifestyle with Huero Snipes.

“Let’s Ride On ‘Em” brings together Tattoo Silent and Kokane for a powerful collaboration. “I’m A Gun” and “G-Izm” showcase Spanky Loco’s lyrical prowess, while “F.R.E.A.K.,” featuring 40 Glocc, brings a unique vibe to the album. “How We Roll,” featuring Bad Azz, and “I Broke The Regal” display Spanky Loco’s storytelling skills.

The album concludes with bonus tracks “Trigger Gots No Heart,” featuring C Bo, “Trucha,” and “Mis Chinos,” before wrapping up with a reflective “Outro.”

“Loco Life: 13 Year Anniversary” is an outstanding testament to Spanky Loco’s enduring talent and his ability to collaborate with a diverse range of artists, offering listeners a captivating and authentic West Coast rap experience.

Celebrate 13 years of Spanky Loco’s music journey with his feature-packed album, “Loco Life.”



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