South Central Cartel – Tha Hoodz In Us


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1 Betta Bring A Gun 02:54
2 Cartel 4 L 04:07
3 Fuc Em Fuc Em 04:39
4 Calidays 03:57
5 I’m On My Way 03:57
6 P Ain’t Free 03:24
7 Hooka Hoe 04:22
8 That’s Me 04:01
9 Westcoast Riders 03:38
10 What I Cherish 04:16
11 It’s Alright 04:04
12 P-U-SS-Y 04:16
13 Fucc Yall 03:28
14 Ghetto Star 04:15
15 Real Gangsta Shit 04:03
16 Hangin On Da Blocc 04:09


“Tha Hoodz In Us” is a hard-hitting album by the rap group South Central Cartel from Los Angeles, California. Released in 2006, this album features 16 tracks that showcase the group’s raw talent and their gangsta rap style. The album is self-released, adding to the authenticity of their music and their dedication to their craft.

The opening track, “Betta Bring A Gun,” sets the tone for the album with its gritty lyrics and powerful beats. “Cartel 4 L” follows, solidifying the group’s loyalty to each other and their roots in the streets of Los Angeles. “Fuc Em Fuc Em” is a no-holds-barred track that emphasizes the group’s resilience and determination to rise above their circumstances.

“Calidays” and “I’m On My Way” display South Central Cartel’s ability to create memorable hooks and infectious grooves. “P Ain’t Free” and “Hooka Hoe” delve into the darker aspects of street life, while “That’s Me” and “Westcoast Riders” celebrate the West Coast lifestyle and the unique experiences that come with it.

Tracks like “What I Cherish,” “It’s Alright,” and “P-U-SS-Y” explore themes of love and relationships, demonstrating the group’s versatility in tackling various subject matters. “Fucc Yall,” “Ghetto Star,” “Real Gangsta Shit,” and “Hangin On Da Blocc” round out the album with their hard-hitting beats and unapologetic lyrics, cementing South Central Cartel’s status as a force to be reckoned with in the world of gangsta rap.

“Tha Hoodz In Us” is an essential listen for fans of South Central Cartel and those who appreciate authentic West Coast hip-hop. With its powerful lyrics, engaging beats, and fearless storytelling, this album is a testament to the group’s enduring legacy in the rap scene.

Experience the raw power of South Central Cartel’s “Tha Hoodz In Us” album.



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