Small Tyme Ballaz – Certified


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1 Talking Numbers 05:06
2 It’s Only Music 02:22
3 Willie Greene 04:31
4 Ball Til U Fall 04:55
Featuring – Songbird, Miss Flossy
5 Push Em 04:23
6 I Got Em 04:47
7 Heart Of Dixie 03:14
8 Cotton Picker 05:12
9 Jaw Pimpin’ 04:35
10 On Da Grind 04:23
11 Dawg 04:57
12 Out Of Yo Mind 04:48
13 Pusha 05:32
Featuring – Project Thugz
14 Miss U Mama 04:30


“Certified” is a powerful project by rap group Small Tyme Ballaz, hailing from Montgomery, Alabama. Released on August 23, 2019, under Blu World Entertainment, the album features collaborations with Songbird, Miss Flossy, and Project Thugz. This project showcases the group’s ability to deliver hard-hitting lyrics and captivating beats while staying true to their Southern roots.

The album begins with “Talking Numbers,” a track that sets the tone for the high-energy, no-nonsense rap style that defines Small Tyme Ballaz. “It’s Only Music” and “Willie Greene” follow, featuring introspective lyrics that reveal the challenges and triumphs faced in the music industry.

“Ball Til U Fall” features Songbird and Miss Flossy, adding a soulful and melodic touch to the album. The next tracks, “Push Em” and “I Got Em,” bring back the group’s signature aggressive rap style, demonstrating their versatility and range.

“Heart of Dixie” and “Cotton Picker” provide a nod to the group’s Alabama roots, blending regional pride with engaging storytelling. “Jaw Pimpin'” and “On Da Grind” showcase the group’s gritty, street-wise lyrics that are sure to resonate with fans of authentic hip-hop.

“Dawg” and “Out Of Yo Mind” are anthems that highlight the group’s ability to create infectious hooks and memorable verses. “Pusha,” featuring Project Thugz, delivers an intense collaboration filled with raw energy and powerful lyrics.

The album closes with “Miss U Mama,” a heartfelt tribute that showcases the group’s emotional depth and versatility, providing a fitting end to this captivating project.

“Certified” is a must-listen for fans of Southern hip-hop and offers a diverse range of tracks that showcase Small Tyme Ballaz’s undeniable talent and authenticity.



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