Sinister – Mobbin 4 Life


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1 Ya Get Mobbed On 04:25
2 Buck-Em Down 04:22
3 Land Of The Living Dead 05:23
4 Life Of A Sinner 04:25
5 Just The Tip (Interlude) 01:01
6 The Erection (Interlude) 01:08
7 Bank Heist 03:51
8 Mobbin 4 Life 03:36
9 I Won’t Forget You G 04:09
10 The East Side 04:38
11 Don’t Get It Twisted 04:31
12 Jail (Interlude) 01:07
13 How Many Niggas Wanna Get With This 04:30
14 Young G 04:43
15 Mr. Dick 03:40
16 Put A Snitch In The Ditch 04:08


“Mobbin 4 Life” is the debut album by the late rapper Sinister, hailing from Los Angeles, California. Released on August 2, 1994, by Interscope Records and Three D Records, this album showcases Sinister’s raw talent and unique style in the gangsta hip-hop genre. Timothy Wayne Johnson, better known as Sinister, was a member of the 89th Street Family Swan Blood gang, and his music reflects the realities of life in South Central Los Angeles.

This 16-track album begins with the hard-hitting “Ya Get Mobbed On” and continues with powerful tracks like “Buck-Em Down” and “Land of The Living Dead.” The introspective “Life Of A Sinner” features the backing vocals and arrangements by Kim Armstrong, adding depth to the album. Interludes like “Just The Tip” and “The Erection” provide a break from the intense tracks, while “Bank Heist” and the titular “Mobbin 4 Life” showcase Sinister’s storytelling abilities.

“I Won’t Forget You G” and “The East Side” with backing vocals by Kim Armstrong serve as emotional tributes, while “Don’t Get It Twisted” maintains Sinister’s fierce rap style. The album concludes with tracks like “Put A Snitch In The Ditch,” leaving a lasting impression of Sinister’s artistry and talent.

“Mobbin 4 Life” was released while Sinister was incarcerated, and unfortunately, it suffered from poor sales and marketing, leading to the label dropping him shortly after. Sinister’s life was tragically cut short when he was found shot dead by unknown assailants on November 25, 2007. Despite the challenges faced, “Mobbin 4 Life” remains an important piece of gangsta hip-hop history and a testament to Sinister’s undeniable talent.



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