Shootergang VJ – OffTheDribble Pt. 2


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1 Geekin (Intro) 01:27
2 Stating Factz 02:45
3 Keep It On Me 03:01
Featuring – Young Mezzy, Skar34
4 These Bitches 02:41
5 No Perpin 02:49
Featuring – Lil Dallas
6 Check Please 02:55
7 Shoot Somethin 02:47
Featuring – ShooterGang Deray, ShooterGang Fleecy
8 Switched Up 03:10
Featuring – Kony, ShooterGang Fleecy
9 Chops & Dracz 02:15
Featuring – Mozzy Twin, ShooterGang Fleecy
10 Young Niggaz 03:49
Featuring – Celly Ru, Lil Trev, Babyface Gunna


“OffTheDribble Pt. 2” is an electrifying mixtape by Shootergang VJ, an emerging rapper from Sacramento, California. Released on October 12, 2018, the project is packed with dynamic collaborations featuring talented artists such as Young Mezzy, Skar34, Lil Dallas, ShooterGang Deray, ShooterGang Fleecy, Kony, Mozzy Twin, Celly Ru, Lil Trev, and Babyface Gunna.

The mixtape kicks off with “Geekin (Intro),” setting the tone for the rest of the project with its high-energy beat and sharp lyrics. “Stating Factz” follows, displaying Shootergang VJ’s talent for crafting catchy hooks and memorable verses. “Keep It On Me” features Young Mezzy and Skar34, offering a seamless collaboration that elevates the track’s intensity.

“These Bitches” showcases Shootergang VJ’s ability to switch up his flow while still maintaining his signature style. “No Perpin,” featuring Lil Dallas, is a gritty, hard-hitting track that highlights the rapper’s no-nonsense approach to life. “Check Please” is a powerful anthem for those focused on securing their financial future.

“Shoot Somethin” brings together ShooterGang Deray and ShooterGang Fleecy for a high-octane collaboration, showcasing their undeniable chemistry. “Switched Up,” featuring Kony and ShooterGang Fleecy, is a captivating track that delves into themes of loyalty and betrayal. “Chops & Dracz,” featuring Mozzy Twin and ShooterGang Fleecy, is a relentless barrage of raw energy and aggressive lyricism.

“Young Niggaz” closes out the mixtape with an all-star lineup of Celly Ru, Lil Trev, and Babyface Gunna, delivering a powerful anthem that celebrates the resilience and ambition of the younger generation.

In conclusion, “OffTheDribble Pt. 2” is a high-energy, lyrically potent project that showcases Shootergang VJ’s immense talent and potential in the rap game. With its impressive lineup of features and diverse range of tracks, this mixtape is a must-listen for fans of authentic, unfiltered hip-hop.



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