Shadow of The Rains – Prediction of Papa Brave G.D.


Downloads are available as MP3-320 files.



1 Intro 00:48
2 Voodoo 03:26
3 Livin’ In The Hard Timez 04:23
4 Fallin’ Off 04:46
5 Blaze The Joint 03:35
6 Pump Shit 02:43
7 Now Ladies 02:34
8 Everybody Wants To Know 05:03
9 Stop Talkin’ Mess 02:31
10 Outro 02:31


“Prediction of Papa Brave G.D.” is an incredibly rare and sought-after album by the rap group Shadow of The Rains, hailing from Los Angeles, California. Released in 1993 by Street Sarviver’s Records, this album captures the raw energy and authentic sound of the early 90s gangsta hip-hop scene. The cassette format adds to the album’s vintage appeal, making it a valuable and intriguing piece of hip-hop history.

The album consists of ten tracks that perfectly encapsulate the gritty, unfiltered style of Shadow of The Rains. It begins with an “Intro” that sets the stage for the powerful tracks to follow. Songs like “Voodoo” and “Livin’ In The Hard Timz” dive deep into the struggles faced by those living in the harsh environment of the streets, while “Fallin’ Off” explores themes of perseverance and resilience in the face of adversity.

“Blaze The Joint” showcases the group’s ability to create catchy hooks and memorable beats, while “Pump Shit” and “Now Ladies” highlight their lyrical prowess and creative storytelling. “Everybody Wants To Know” provides an introspective look at the group’s motivations and experiences, and “Stop Talkin’ Mess” serves as a fierce response to their detractors.

The album concludes with a powerful “Outro,” leaving a lasting impression of Shadow of The Rains’ unapologetic style and raw talent. “Prediction of Papa Brave G.D.” is a testament to the group’s unique contribution to the early 90s gangsta hip-hop scene and a must-listen for fans of the genre.


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