Self Da Gritter – Fentanyl


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1 Fentanyl 02:17
2 Grittin 03:37
Featuring – D-Weez
3 Percription 01:54
4 Fort Kanie Wit A K 04:29
Featuring – Easy Rackz, Lil Juu Widdaus, D-Weez, Looch H3R3, Feddy Da Sneak, Quick Nick
5 Feel Me Mama 02:02
6 Idk 02:41
7 Boo’up 04:53
8 Compressor 02:52
9 Saviour 03:32
Featuring – Killa Tay
10 Broke Bitch 01:23
11 Gritters Cry Too 01:46


“Fentanyl” is an intense and powerful mixtape by rapper Self Da Gritter, who hails from Fort Wayne, Indiana. Released on July 12, 2019, under Self EnT / GMF DA MAFIA, this project showcases Self Da Gritter’s raw talent and unique sound, featuring collaborations with D-Weez, Easy Rackz, Lil Juu Widdaus, Looch H3R3, Feddy Da Sneak, Quick Nick, and Killa Tay.

The mixtape kicks off with the title track “Fentanyl,” setting the tone with its hard-hitting beats and Self Da Gritter’s aggressive delivery. “Grittin,” featuring D-Weez, follows, offering a high-energy track that displays the rappers’ seamless chemistry.

“Percription” and “Fort Kanie Wit A K” keep the momentum going, with the latter track featuring a powerhouse lineup of Easy Rackz, Lil Juu Widdaus, D-Weez, Looch H3R3, Feddy Da Sneak, and Quick Nick. This collaboration showcases each artist’s unique style and flow, resulting in an unforgettable track.

“Feel Me Mama” provides a more introspective and emotional moment on the mixtape, while “Idk” and “Boo’up” bring back the gritty, street-wise sound that fans of Self Da Gritter have come to expect.

“Compressor” offers a heavy dose of raw energy, perfectly setting the stage for “Saviour,” which features the legendary Killa Tay. This collaboration stands out on the mixtape, demonstrating Self Da Gritter’s ability to hold his own alongside established artists.

Closing out the mixtape are “Broke Bitch” and “Gritters Cry Too,” which showcase Self Da Gritter’s lyrical prowess and storytelling skills. Overall, “Fentanyl” is an impressive project that highlights Self Da Gritter’s talent and potential in the rap game.



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