Esham – Boomin “Words From Hell” 1990


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1 Esham’s Boomin 04:18
2 Word After Word 03:30
3 Dream Girl 01:58
4 Some Old Wicket Shit!!! 02:46
5 Kissing Bandit 03:21
6 Devil’s Groove 03:08
7 Telling It How It Is 02:23
8 Amen Another Sin 01:41
9 My 9 Rhymes 01:33
10 Pussy Ain’t Got No Face 03:11
11 Don’t Trip 03:12
12 Watch ‘Cha Back 02:28


“Boomin Words from Hell” is the debut studio album by Esham, one of the pioneers of horrorcore rap and a key figure in the Detroit hip-hop scene. The album was originally released in 1989 by Esham’s own label, Reel Life Productions, before being reissued by his longtime label partner, Overcore, in 2000. Featuring a gritty and raw production style, the album is known for its dark themes, explicit lyrics, and Esham’s unique style of rapping, which incorporates elements of horror and science fiction.

From the opening track “Esham’s Boomin” to the closing track “Watch ‘Cha Back,” Esham delivers a barrage of vivid and often disturbing rhymes, tackling topics such as drug use, violence, and the devil. Tracks like “Some Old Wicket Shit!!!” and “Devil’s Groove” are classic examples of horrorcore, with their ominous samples and dark subject matter, while tracks like “Word After Word” and “Amen Another Sin” showcase Esham’s introspective side.

Despite being controversial upon its release, “Boomin Words from Hell” has since become a cult classic and is widely regarded as one of the most influential albums in the horrorcore genre. Esham’s innovative production and unconventional approach to rapping would go on to influence a generation of underground hip-hop artists and pave the way for acts like Three 6 Mafia and Gravediggaz.

Overall, “Boomin Words from Hell” is a must-listen for fans of horrorcore, underground hip hop, or anyone interested in the rich history of the Detroit rap scene. With its dark themes, raw production, and groundbreaking style, it remains a landmark album in the genre and a testament to Esham’s unique vision and creativity.


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