Scanlouz Deleon – Another Day Another Dolla 3


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1 For This Money 03:42
2 They Know I Got It 03:50
3 Youz A Fool 03:29
4 100 04:02
Featuring – Yung Lyhan
5 I Gotta Run It Up 03:40
6 She Doin This 03:30
Featuring – Young Half, Mia Eliani
7 Bitch You Bad 04:19
8 Ill Na Na 03:39
9 She Just Wanna 04:02
10 Get With You 03:26
Featuring – Alex Tiny B
11 She’s Outta My League 03:14
Featuring – Yoco, Corey Taylor
12 Just Tryna Kick It (Kung Fu) 03:58
Featuring – Kenya Leray
13 No New Thang 04:38
Featuring – Yung Lyhan
14 West Side 03:32
Featuring – Louie Evol
15 Throw It Up 04:19
Featuring – Yung Lyhan, Young Half, Rod Blaze
16 Check Game 03:30
17 Hanh! 03:16
Featuring – Mikey McFly, Teezy Money
18 What It Look Like To Me 04:11
Featuring – Ozzy Oz, Mack Mill, Yb
19 So Who Bangin 03:20
20 Passin By 04:00
Featuring – Corey Taylor, Ozzy Oz, Layz


“Another Day Another Dolla 3” is a dynamic mixtape project by Merced, California rapper Scanlouz Deleon. Released on March 2, 2018, by Outlaw Money / Live & Exclusive Ent, this mixtape showcases Scanlouz Deleon’s versatility and talent as an artist. With 20 tracks featuring various artists like Yung Lyhan, Young Half, Mia Eliani, Alex Tiny B, Yoco, Corey Taylor, Kenya Leray, Louie Evol, Rod Blaze, Mikey McFly, Teezy Money, Ozzy Oz, Mack Mill, and Yb, the mixtape offers a diverse range of sounds and styles that are sure to captivate listeners.

Kicking off with “For This Money,” Scanlouz Deleon sets the tone for a mixtape filled with ambition, determination, and an unrelenting pursuit of success. “They Know I Got It” and “Youz A Fool” follow up with infectious hooks and confident lyrics, showcasing the rapper’s ability to command attention with his distinct flow and wordplay.

Throughout the mixtape, Scanlouz Deleon collaborates with various artists to create unique and captivating tracks. “100” featuring Yung Lyhan showcases their undeniable chemistry, while “She Doin This” featuring Young Half and Mia Eliani offers a catchy, radio-friendly anthem. Other standout tracks include “Bitch You Bad,” “Ill Na Na,” and “She Just Wanna,” which further demonstrate Scanlouz Deleon’s prowess as a lyricist and storyteller.

The mixtape also offers more introspective moments, such as “Get With You” featuring Alex Tiny B and “She’s Outta My League” featuring Yoco and Corey Taylor, which delve into relationships and personal experiences. “Just Tryna Kick It (Kung Fu)” featuring Kenya Leray adds a playful, energetic vibe to the mixtape, while “No New Thang” with Yung Lyhan showcases their effortless collaboration once more.

As the mixtape progresses, listeners are treated to a taste of West Coast pride with “West Side” featuring Louie Evol, followed by the energetic anthem “Throw It Up” with Yung Lyhan, Young Half, and Rod Blaze. “Check Game” and “Hanh!” featuring Mikey McFly and Teezy Money keep the momentum going, leading to the reflective tracks “What It Look Like To Me” featuring Ozzy Oz, Mack Mill, and Yb, and “So Who Bangin.”

Rounding out the mixtape is “Passin By,” a collaboration with Corey Taylor, Ozzy Oz, and Layz, which brings “Another Day Another Dolla 3” to a fitting close. This project successfully highlights Scanlouz Deleon’s talent as a rapper and his ability to work with various artists, resulting in a cohesive and engaging listening experience.



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