Sane – Early Appearances


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1 What It Do 04:13
2 Talkin Bout This 04:15
3 I Know Your Secret 04:54
4 Head Shoulders Knees Toes 03:36
5 Real Over Here 03:46
6 Pop It 04:16
7 Keep Shit Movin 03:54
8 We Don’t Care 03:09
9 Blow Grapes Get Loot 03:17
10 I’m The Shit 04:21
11 Tell Me What You Want 03:17
12 It’s Going Down 03:02
13 Scrape That 03:26
14 Trillest You Ever Saw 04:25
15 Murdered Out 04:07
16 Twisted And Tangled 03:47
17 So Dumb 03:24
18 This Is What I Do 03:08
19 All My Life 04:23
20 Getcha Gotcha 03:33


“Early Appearances” is a compilation album by Oakland rapper Sane. The album was released on April 20, 2015, by Disobay Ent. This project features previously unreleased tracks recorded by Sane between 2005 and 2014, making it a collection of unreleased hip-hop tracks.

With a total of 20 tracks, “Early Appearances” showcases Sane’s early work, offering listeners an insight into the artist’s evolution and growth over the years. The album features some of Sane’s popular tracks like “Talkin Bout This” and “Real Over Here,” which offer a glimpse into the rapper’s early style and sound.

In addition to the well-known tracks, “Early Appearances” also features lesser-known tracks like “Scrape That” and “Getcha Gotcha,” which provide listeners with a fresh perspective on Sane’s music. The album offers a unique listening experience, as it provides fans with a chance to hear Sane’s previously unreleased material.

Overall, “Early Appearances” is a must-listen for Sane’s fans and anyone who enjoys West Coast hip-hop. The album offers a unique glimpse into Sane’s early career and provides listeners with an opportunity to appreciate the artist’s evolution and growth over time. Whether you are a fan of Sane’s music or simply a lover of hip-hop, “Early Appearances” is definitely an album worth checking out.



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