RX Hector – Slick Talk


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1 Designer Sombrero 03:02
2 Flavors 01:55
3 Maintain 02:59
4 Celine 02:40
5 How Can I Not 02:41
6 Tye Dye 02:47
Featuring – HoodRich Pablo Juan
7 4th & Long 02:46
8 I Don’t Know Why 02:39
9 Too Much Smoke 02:32


“Slick Talk” is a dynamic mixtape by Atlanta-based rapper RX Hector, also known as Drugrixh Hect. Released on November 26, 2019, under the Red Dot Ent label, this mixtape showcases RX Hector’s versatility as an artist, blending various styles and sounds that make it a must-listen for fans of modern hip-hop.

The mixtape kicks off with “Designer Sombrero,” a track that highlights RX Hector’s smooth flow and catchy hooks. “Flavors” follows, delivering a more upbeat vibe and showcasing the rapper’s wordplay skills. “Maintain” brings the tempo down a bit, featuring introspective lyrics and a laid-back beat that highlights RX Hector’s ability to adapt to different styles.

The next track, “Celine,” showcases RX Hector’s affinity for high-end fashion and luxury, while “How Can I Not” explores the challenges and rewards of being an up-and-coming rapper in the competitive hip-hop scene. “Tye Dye” features a collaboration with fellow Atlanta rapper HoodRich Pablo Juan, creating a powerful synergy between the two artists and resulting in a standout track on the mixtape.

“4th & Long” and “I Don’t Know Why” dive deeper into RX Hector’s personal struggles and triumphs, showing his vulnerability and growth as an artist. The mixtape concludes with “Too Much Smoke,” a track that encapsulates the overall theme of “Slick Talk” – a mix of slick rhymes, modern beats, and raw emotion.

With its captivating beats and powerful lyrics, “Slick Talk” is a testament to RX Hector’s talent as a rapper and his ability to create a unique sound that sets him apart in the Atlanta hip-hop scene. Don’t miss out on this engaging mixtape from an artist with a bright future ahead.

Experience the dynamic sound of Atlanta rapper RX Hector in his mixtape “Slick Talk.”



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