Roscoe – Stray Dogg: Off Tha Leash, Off Tha Chain


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1 Sticci Iccie 03:23
Featuring – A-Dub, Tri-Star
2 Hard 2 Be Me 03:32
Featuring – Blaqthoven
3 Bang Mode 04:27
Featuring – Tri-Star
4 Chip N Spark 03:31
Featuring – Kurupt
5 Roll Out 03:06
6 Hood 04:22
Featuring – Kurupt
7 This Gang 04:12
Featuring – Tha Armory
8 Bout Mine 03:09
Featuring – Jayo-Felony, Kurupt
9 Gangsta Chit 04:05
10 If… 04:25
11 Beef 05:49
Featuring – Tha Armory
12 Till I Die 03:25
Featuring – Bad Azz
13 Spokes 03:16
Featuring – Kurupt, Y.A. (Youth Authority)
14 On One 03:31
Featuring – T.H.O., Tha Armory
15 Kachis 03:50
Featuring – Crunch
16 Armory Officials 04:13
Featuring – Tha Armory
17 Leavin 02:25
Featuring – Nire
18 Bad Bitchez 03:27
Featuring – Goldie Capone


“Stray Dogg: Off Tha Leash, Off Tha Chain,” an exhilarating album by California-based rapper Roscoe, hit the shelves on September 29, 2008, under Imperial One Entertainment. The album features an impressive lineup of guest artists, including A-Dub, Tri-Star, Blaqthoven, Kurupt, Tha Armory, Jayo-Felony, Bad Azz, Y.A. (Youth Authority), T.H.O., Crunch, Nire, and Goldie Capone.

The 18-track album opens with the energetic “Sticci Iccie,” featuring A-Dub and Tri-Star, setting the pace for the entire project. “Hard 2 Be Me” highlights Roscoe’s struggles and perseverance, with Blaqthoven lending his unique sound to the track. Tri-Star returns to collaborate on “Bang Mode,” a high-powered song that showcases both rappers’ skills.

Roscoe joins forces with his brother Kurupt on “Chip N Spark,” further strengthening their musical bond. “Roll Out” and “Hood,” the latter featuring another appearance by Kurupt, keep the momentum going with their raw and gritty lyrics.

Tha Armory steps in for “This Gang” and “Beef,” while Roscoe collaborates with Jayo-Felony and Kurupt on “Bout Mine.” “Gangsta Chit” and “If…” delve into the darker aspects of street life, while Bad Azz joins Roscoe on “Till I Die,” an unapologetic declaration of loyalty.

Y.A. (Youth Authority) and Kurupt lend their talents to “Spokes,” followed by T.H.O. and Tha Armory on “On One.” Roscoe teams up with Crunch for the catchy “Kachis” and unites with Tha Armory once again for “Armory Officials.”

The introspective “Leavin,” featuring Nire, offers a change of pace before the album wraps up with the lively “Bad Bitchez,” showcasing Goldie Capone’s talents.

“Stray Dogg: Off Tha Leash, Off Tha Chain” is an energetic and engaging album that highlights Roscoe’s skill as a rapper and lyricist while showcasing a strong lineup of guest artists.



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