RokkOut Skooby – Kollateral Damage


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1 Fasad 02:44
Featuring – NMG Jetskii
2 Demons 03:12
Featuring – NMG Jetskii
3 Truckload 03:05
Featuring – NMG Jetskii
4 Prank Kall 03:19
Featuring – NMG Jetskii
5 Paper Chasin’ 03:35
6 NFL 03:03
Featuring – NMG Jetskii
7 Kill Bill 03:33
8 No Trust In Me 03:17
9 F.W.Y.S 02:40
10 April Fools 03:01
Featuring – NMG Jetskii


“Kollateral Damage” is a mixtape project by rapper RokkOut Skooby, released on June 26, 2019, under ATG Management. The mixtape showcases RokkOut Skooby’s unique style and flow, blending catchy hooks, hard-hitting beats, and introspective lyrics that delve into the struggles and triumphs of street life. The mixtape features 10 tracks, with NMG Jetskii appearing on a majority of the songs, offering a dynamic and powerful collaboration that highlights the chemistry between the two artists.

The mixtape opens with “Fasad,” a high-energy track featuring NMG Jetskii, setting the tone for an album that explores the harsh realities of life while also emphasizing the importance of perseverance and ambition. This theme continues with “Demons,” “Truckload,” and “Prank Kall,” all featuring NMG Jetskii, showcasing the duo’s ability to create engaging and infectious tunes.

“Paper Chasin'” stands out as a solo track by RokkOut Skooby, highlighting his lyrical prowess and dedication to the grind. “NFL,” another collaboration with NMG Jetskii, adds to the mixtape’s energetic vibe, while “Kill Bill” and “No Trust In Me” provide a more introspective look into the rapper’s experiences and mindset.

The mixtape’s penultimate track, “F.W.Y.S,” emphasizes RokkOut Skooby’s determination and resilience in the face of adversity. Finally, “April Fools,” featuring NMG Jetskii, closes the mixtape on a high note, leaving listeners wanting more from this promising artist.

“Kollateral Damage” is a testament to RokkOut Skooby’s talent and potential, offering a captivating mix of hard-hitting tracks and thought-provoking lyrics that are sure to resonate with fans of raw, authentic hip-hop.



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