Rezavor Doggz – Registered On Merit


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1 5209 03:47
Featuring – Young Droop
2 Friendz 04:26
3 Hot 03:43
Featuring – Juvenile
4 S.T.F.U. 03:41
5 Heavy Hitterz 03:50
Featuring – Silas Aka Smigg Dirtee
6 Blown Out Da Spot 03:57
7 In These Streetz 03:40
Featuring – Jay Tee
8 Cant Escape 04:05
9 Felony Stop 05:16
Featuring – First Degree The D.E.
10 Put It On The Grind 04:56
Featuring – I-Rocc
11 You Better Get Ready 03:50
Featuring – Young Droop, Keg Da Ripper
12 Im Not An Evil Man 04:33
13 U Dont Know 04:09
Featuring – Young Thuggin
14 Heist 04:02
15 Confirmed 03:24
16 Days Of Stuggle 03:47
17 Mind Plots 03:45
18 Life That We Lead 04:25


“Registered On Merit” is the dynamic studio album from Arizona-based rap group Rezavor Doggz. Released on February 15, 2005, by Lock Jaw Records and Money Hungry Entertainment, this album showcases the group’s versatile rap skills and engaging storytelling.

The album kicks off with “5209,” featuring Young Droop, setting the tone for the energetic and diverse tracks to follow. “Friendz” delves into the complexities of friendship, while “Hot,” featuring Juvenile, turns up the heat with its infectious beat and catchy hooks.

“S.T.F.U.” demonstrates the group’s assertive and unapologetic attitude, and “Heavy Hitterz,” featuring Silas Aka Smigg Dirtee, proves that Rezavor Doggz can hold their own among talented collaborators. “Blown Out Da Spot” keeps the momentum going with its fast-paced rhythm and powerful lyrics.

“In These Streetz,” featuring Jay Tee, explores life on the streets and the challenges faced by many in urban environments. “Cant Escape” and “Felony Stop,” featuring First Degree The D.E., delve into the harsh realities of crime and its consequences.

“Put It On The Grind,” featuring I-Rocc, showcases the group’s commitment to hard work and perseverance. “You Better Get Ready,” featuring Young Droop and Keg Da Ripper, serves as a powerful reminder of the group’s determination and talent.

“Im Not An Evil Man” offers a glimpse into the personal struggles and moral dilemmas faced by the members of Rezavor Doggz. “U Dont Know,” featuring Young Thuggin, continues the album’s exploration of life’s complexities and uncertainties.

“Heist” tells a gripping story of crime and intrigue, while “Confirmed” demonstrates the group’s confidence and ambition. “Days Of Stuggle” and “Mind Plots” provide insight into the challenges faced by the artists, and “Life That We Lead” serves as a poignant conclusion to the album, reflecting on the choices and experiences that have shaped Rezavor Doggz.

With its diverse tracks, engaging storytelling, and captivating collaborations, “Registered On Merit” is a must-listen for fans of authentic and powerful rap music.



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