Ressurrected Mob – Dead Or Alive


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1 Dreamin Bout Murda 04:25
Featuring – Sin
2 City Of Thugs 03:39
3 Your Life Versus Mine 04:05
4 U Can’t Floss 03:18
Featuring – Taji
5 Tears 05:47
6 Wanna-Be-Me 02:19
7 Are U A Rida 05:01
Featuring – Boogieman
8 Bouncin’ N’ Dippin’ 05:20
9 Gotta Sty High 03:29
10 Playas N Thugs 02:41
11 I Know U Hate Me 04:01
12 G’s Up Hoe’s Down 04:32
13 South Side Souljas 03:35
Featuring – 44 Mag
14 Do U Wanna Die 04:02
Featuring – 44 Mag, Boogieman
15 Arizona Dreams 03:51
Featuring – 44 Mag
16 Hit Me On My Celly (Bonus Track) 04:39
Featuring – 44 Mag, 5150


“Dead or Alive” marks the dynamic debut studio album from Tucson, Arizona-based rap group Ressurrected Mob. Released in 2002 under Thug World Records, this 16-track album blends gangsta rap with G-funk influences, showcasing the group’s talent for hard-hitting lyrics and infectious beats. The album features collaborations with Sin, Taji, Boogieman, 44 Mag, and 5150, further enriching the listening experience.

Opening with “Dreamin Bout Murda,” featuring Sin, Ressurrected Mob sets the tone for the album, exploring themes of street life and survival. “City of Thugs” follows, highlighting the challenges and realities of living in a tough urban environment.

“Your Life Versus Mine” and “U Can’t Floss,” featuring Taji, deliver powerful messages about competition and ambition in the rap game. “Tears” offers an emotional insight into the struggles faced by the group, while “Wanna-Be-Me” serves as a defiant anthem against imitation and envy.

“Are U A Rida,” featuring Boogieman, asks the listener about their loyalty and dedication, before transitioning into the upbeat “Bouncin’ N’ Dippin’,” a track that showcases the group’s G-funk influences. “Gotta Stay High” and “Playas N Thugs” continue to delve into themes of survival and street life.

“I Know U Hate Me” confronts the group’s detractors head-on, while “G’s Up Hoe’s Down” and “South Side Souljas,” featuring 44 Mag, pay homage to the group’s roots and influences. “Do U Wanna Die,” featuring 44 Mag and Boogieman, explores the consequences of living a high-risk lifestyle.

“Arizona Dreams,” featuring 44 Mag, serves as a tribute to the group’s home state, while the bonus track, “Hit Me On My Celly,” featuring 44 Mag and 5150, concludes the album with a catchy, memorable tune that leaves the listener wanting more.



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