P.O.W.S. – Death N Danger


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1 City Of T-Town 04:41
2 I Got A Problem With The Police 04:03
3 Tha County 04:02
4 Imagine 05:01
5 Death N Danger 04:20
6 Cash Rules Tha World 04:20
7 T-Town (Club) 03:37


“Death N Danger” is the only studio album by the rap group P.O.W.S., hailing from Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Released in 2001 by Amadi Records, this gangsta-style hip-hop EP showcases the group’s raw talent and passion for their craft. With a total of seven tracks, “Death N Danger” provides listeners with a gritty, authentic representation of life in the Southern United States.

The EP opens with “City of T-Town,” a track that paints a vivid picture of life in Tuscaloosa and sets the tone for the rest of the album. “I Got a Problem with the Police” tackles issues of law enforcement and systemic injustice, providing a powerful statement about the group’s experiences.

“Tha County” and “Imagine” dive deeper into the struggles faced by the P.O.W.S., blending heavy beats and hard-hitting lyrics to create a captivating listening experience. The title track, “Death N Danger,” showcases the group’s ability to explore dark themes while maintaining a high level of musicality.

“Cash Rules Tha World” and “T-Town (Club)” bring the EP to a close with a focus on ambition and the pursuit of success. Throughout “Death N Danger,” P.O.W.S. demonstrate their unwavering commitment to sharing their truth through the medium of rap music.

For fans of Southern hip-hop and those seeking a genuine portrayal of life in the South, “Death N Danger” offers a powerful and engaging listening experience that is not to be missed.



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