Lucky Lu – Millennium Pimpin


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1 Pimpin Dat Hoe 04:17
2 9th Ct 03:49
3 Rollin Chiefin 04:41
4 Tradin Places 03:49
5 Can’t Fuck Wit Me 04:21
6 In Tha Burdy 02:25
7 Bama Blues 04:13
8 What They Hittin Foe 04:12
9 Bonifide Hoe 04:19
10 The D**k Is On The Bed 04:01
11 Convicted Felon 04:46


“Millennium Pimpin” is the debut studio album by Birmingham, Alabama rapper Lucky Lu. Released in 2000 by Powerhouse Records, this album showcases Lucky Lu’s distinctive style and voice, blending G-Funk influences with a Southern hip-hop flair. Executive produced by Martel for Powerhouse Music Entertainment Inc., “Millennium Pimpin” captures the essence of the turn-of-the-century hip-hop scene, highlighting Lucky Lu’s storytelling prowess and infectious beats.

The 11-track album kicks off with “Pimpin Dat Hoe,” setting the tone for the rest of the record with its funky beats and memorable lyrics. As the album progresses, tracks like “9th Ct,” “Rollin Chiefin,” and “Tradin Places” further emphasize the G-Funk sound and Southern influences that characterize Lucky Lu’s style.

Throughout the album, Lucky Lu explores various themes, from street life in “In Tha Burdy” and “Convicted Felon” to more lighthearted tracks like “What They Hittin Foe” and “The D**k Is On The Bed.” These diverse themes offer listeners a glimpse into the world of Lucky Lu, showcasing his versatility as an artist.

“Millennium Pimpin” is managed by P.M.E and Chase Management, who have expertly guided the album’s creation and promotion, ensuring it reaches the ears of hip-hop enthusiasts everywhere. As a debut album, “Millennium Pimpin” serves as a powerful introduction to Lucky Lu’s talents, setting the stage for future releases and continued growth within the music industry.



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