Oppazet – In The Beginning


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1 Intro 00:24
2 Oppazet 03:44
3 Sometimes I 04:24
4 I Got Love 02:44
5 I Understand 04:14
6 Interlude 00:26
7 Show ‘Em Love 04:56
8 Roll With Me 04:18
9 Can I Make You Come 04:21
10 Real Niggs 00:40
11 Culdasac 03:57
12 True Thoughts 04:22
13 Oppazet (AZ Mix) 03:39
14 WHAT ? 04:17
15 Roll With Me Remix 04:26
16 Prayer 04:38
17 Intrumental – The Harvey Mason Mix 04:21


“In The Beginning” is an extremely rare and captivating album by Tucson, Arizona-based rapper Oppazet. Released in 1997 under the Topnotch Records label, this 17-track album explores themes of love, street life, and personal growth, all while incorporating gangsta rap elements that were popular during the era. With tracks produced by Big Toe, Black Boy, and Harvey Mason, the album offers a diverse range of sounds and styles, making it an intriguing listen for fans of the genre.

The album kicks off with a short “Intro” before launching into “Oppazet,” a track that showcases the rapper’s unique flow and lyrical prowess. “Sometimes I” and “I Got Love” delve into themes of love and relationships, offering a softer side to the otherwise hard-hitting album.

“I Understand” touches on empathy and understanding, followed by a brief “Interlude” that leads into “Show ‘Em Love,” a track that emphasizes the importance of loyalty and supporting those around you. “Roll With Me” and its remix continue this theme, inviting listeners to join Oppazet on his journey.

“Can I Make You Come” explores intimacy and connection, while “Real Niggs” serves as a short, powerful ode to authenticity in a world filled with pretense. “Culdasac” and “True Thoughts” provide introspective looks into the mind of the rapper, offering glimpses of his life experiences and personal growth.

“Oppazet (AZ Mix)” delivers a remix of the title track, further highlighting the rapper’s versatility. “WHAT?” demands attention with its bold lyrics and beats, while “Prayer” slows things down with a more reflective and spiritual tone.

Finally, “Intrumental – The Harvey Mason Mix” closes the album with a masterful instrumental track that showcases the talents of the renowned producer.



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