OG Murc Heist – Murcumentary


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1 Murcumentary Intro 04:50
2 My Shit 04:28
Featuring – Gloc Boi Roc
3 Uh Huh 02:46
4 Aan Hiding 04:18
Featuring – Streetmade Rae
5 Cry 03:22
Featuring – Joe Barz
6 No Title 04:49
Featuring – Vick Jones
7 No Emotions 04:30
8 Brown Kilo 04:05
9 Nobody 03:20
Featuring – Lokee
10 Trap Daddy 03:26
11 Pain (Ode To 2pac) 03:25
Featuring – Joe Barz, Big Mane
12 Like I Love Ya 04:52
Featuring – Joe Barz, Young Fitz
13 Jackin Beats 05:39
14 Strate Dere 03:41
Featuring – Streetmade Rae
15 Brick Money 03:58
Featuring – Reason
16 Racks Freestyle 03:38
Featuring – M.P.
17 On Top 03:52
Featuring – Bam Bam Carter


“Murcumentary” is a powerful mixtape project by rapper OG Murc Heist hailing from Bessemer, Alabama. Released on November 3, 2017, by Murc Camp Music, the mixtape features a versatile lineup of guest appearances by Gloc Boi Roc, Streetmade Rae, Joe Barz, Vick Jones, Lokee, Big Mane, Young Fitz, Reason, M.P., and Bam Bam Carter.

Kicking off with the “Murcumentary Intro,” OG Murc Heist sets the tone for a mixtape that delves into the gritty realities of street life, personal struggles, and triumphs. Throughout the project, Murc Heist showcases his lyrical abilities and storytelling prowess, effectively capturing the listener’s attention.

Tracks like “My Shit” featuring Gloc Boi Roc and “Aan Hiding” featuring Streetmade Rae highlight OG Murc Heist’s ability to collaborate with fellow artists and create hard-hitting anthems. Emotional tracks like “Cry” featuring Joe Barz and “Pain (Ode To 2pac)” featuring Joe Barz and Big Mane showcase the rapper’s vulnerability and introspection.

“Murcumentary” is a well-rounded project that demonstrates OG Murc Heist’s talent as a lyricist and his dedication to delivering authentic, engaging music. Fans of raw, unfiltered hip-hop will find this mixtape to be a powerful listening experience.



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