O.Y.G. Redrum781 – Back Pay


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1 High Expectations 03:42
2 You Got Me Fk’d Up 04:03
3 Back Up 03:40
4 Beef 04:03
5 If Thats How You Feel 03:49
6 The Whip 00:20
7 Mint Condition 04:04
8 Love Notes 03:21
9 No Sense 03:44
10 Im From 03:50
11 Him His Son 03:32
12 Plottin 03:56
13 Run It Back 02:48
14 For The Haters 03:08
15 Us Yall Them 04:06


“Back Pay” is a captivating project by rapper O.Y.G. Redrum781 from Inglewood, California. Released on May 26, 2015, by Come Get It Records LLC, this 15-track album showcases Redrum781’s versatile talent and unique style, blending raw lyrics with infectious beats that create a powerful listening experience.

The album begins with the energetic track “High Expectations,” setting the stage for a collection of songs that address various themes, such as relationships, personal struggles, and life in Inglewood. The unapologetic “You Got Me Fk’d Up” and the assertive “Back Up” display Redrum781’s uncompromising attitude, while “Beef” and “If That’s How You Feel” delve into the complexities of conflict and personal emotions.

In addition to its hard-hitting tracks, “Back Pay” also features more introspective and tender moments. “Mint Condition” and “Love Notes” showcase Redrum781’s ability to express vulnerability and romance, while “No Sense” and “I’m From” reflect on his experiences growing up in Inglewood.

Tracks like “Him His Son” and “Plottin” display Redrum781’s storytelling skills, painting vivid pictures of life’s trials and tribulations. The album continues to engage listeners with the upbeat “Run It Back” and the defiant “For The Haters,” before closing with the unifying anthem “Us Yall Them.”

“Back Pay” is a testament to O.Y.G. Redrum781’s artistic range and ability to captivate listeners with his authentic stories and undeniable talent.



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