O.F.T.B. – The Missing D.R. Files


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1 Intro 00:57
2 Better Dayz 04:42
Featuring – 2Pac, Big Syke
3 That Was Then, This Is Now 04:30
Featuring – Kurupt, Snoop Doggy Dogg
4 I Come Up Hard 04:25
5 World Wide 05:16
Featuring – 2Pac, Kadafi, Kurupt
6 Check Ur Hood 05:00
Featuring – Jewell
7 I Trust Nobody 03:58
8 Still A Mistery To Me 04:29
Featuring – Kurupt, Storm, The Outlawz
9 Project Kids 05:27
Featuring – Nickerson Garden Projects Kids
10 I’m On One 06:00
11 Ladies Night 05:01
Featuring – 6 Feet Deep
12 Doin’ It At The Spot 04:21
Featuring – Big Pimpin’
13 Lost Souls 03:23
14 Sooner Or Later 05:05
15 So Long 05:49
Featuring – MC Hammer


“The Missing D.R. Files” is an unreleased album by the rap group O.F.T.B. (Operation From The Bottom) from Watts, California. Recorded in 1996/1997 while the group was signed to Death Row Records, this rare gem finally saw the light of day in 2007 when the group self-released it on CDr format. The album features a stellar lineup of guest appearances from 2Pac, Big Syke, Kurupt, Snoop Doggy Dogg, Jewell, Storm, The Outlawz, and MC Hammer.

The album kicks off with the “Intro,” setting the stage for a collection of tracks that showcase O.F.T.B.’s signature Thug Rap and Gangsta style. Standout tracks include “Better Dayz,” featuring 2Pac and Big Syke, “That Was Then, This Is Now,” with Kurupt and Snoop Doggy Dogg, and “World Wide,” a collaboration with 2Pac, Kadafi, and Kurupt.

With a mix of introspective tracks like “I Come Up Hard” and “I Trust Nobody” and hard-hitting anthems such as “Check Ur Hood” and “Project Kids,” “The Missing D.R. Files” offers a unique insight into the group’s time at Death Row Records. The album concludes with “So Long,” featuring MC Hammer, leaving listeners with a lasting impression of the group’s talent and legacy.

As a rare piece of West Coast Hip Hop history, “The Missing D.R. Files” stands as a testament to O.F.T.B.’s skill and the influential era of Death Row Records.



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