Nytowl – The Eclipse


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1 The Birth (Intro) 01:09
2 Village Of The Dammed 04:24
3 Nyttrain 05:03
4 Hustlin 04:32
Featuring – Gemini
5 Keep It Movin 05:19
6 Power Movements 05:31
Featuring – Cas Capone, Pops One
7 Pay The Piper 05:00
Featuring – Killah Priest
8 On Deck 03:22
9 R.I.P. 03:59
Featuring – Eazy-E
10 The Haters (Skit) 01:40
11 Jealousy 04:06
12 The Heat 03:43
13 Mad Flava 03:12
14 Kingpin Familia 03:30
Featuring – The KingPin Family
15 No 1/2 Steppin 04:19
16 Tony T 04:45
17 Come One Come All 04:55
18 Wicked Wit The Sound 04:44
19 Nyt Visions (Outro) 00:36


“The Eclipse” is the only studio album by Compton-based rapper Nytowl, released on July 13, 1999, under Kingpin Records. The album features a blend of gangsta rap with powerful storytelling and showcases Nytowl’s unique flow and delivery. With guest appearances from prominent artists like Killah Priest, Eazy-E, The KingPin Family, and more, “The Eclipse” is a captivating hip-hop experience.

The album kicks off with “The Birth (Intro),” setting the tone for the tracks to follow. Songs like “Village Of The Dammed” and “Nyttrain” exhibit Nytowl’s distinctive rap style and lyrical prowess. “Hustlin,” featuring Gemini, brings a catchy and energetic vibe to the album.

“Keep It Movin” maintains the momentum, followed by “Power Movements,” a powerful collaboration with Cas Capone and Pops One. Killah Priest lends his talents on “Pay The Piper,” adding another layer of depth to the album.

The late Eazy-E is featured on “R.I.P.,” a tribute to the legendary rapper. The album also includes a skit titled “The Haters,” which leads into “Jealousy,” a track addressing envy and rivalry in the music industry.

“The Heat” and “Mad Flava” showcase Nytowl’s versatility as a rapper, while “Kingpin Familia” brings together The KingPin Family for a memorable collaboration. “No 1/2 Steppin” and “Tony T” keep the energy high, as “Come One Come All” invites listeners to join the movement.

“Wicked Wit The Sound” is a testament to Nytowl’s lyrical dexterity, and the album concludes with “Nyt Visions (Outro),” an appropriate end to an impressive debut.

“The Eclipse” is a must-listen for fans of classic gangsta rap and those looking for a unique voice in the hip-hop scene.



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