Nocando – King Snake


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1 11 Pounds 04:32
2 1998 03:44
3 Unfolded 02:55
Featuring – King Jett
4 Only Friend 02:40
5 Next Subject 03:13
Featuring – Cam, China
6 ER 03:30
Featuring – Mike Penthouse
7 Patois 03:31
8 Get You Back 03:01
9 Wayside 03:55
Featuring – Huey Briss, Pearl Lion
10 Zeroes 02:55
11 Doa 08:36
Featuring – William Thedford, SP 83


King Snake is a project by Los Angeles-based rapper Nocando, known for his innovative and introspective approach to hip-hop. Released on December 1, 2017, under the Hellfyre Club label, the album features an array of talented artists such as King Jett, Cam, China, Mike Penthouse, Huey Briss, Pearl Lion, William Thedford, and SP 83.

The project kicks off with “11 Pounds,” a track showcasing Nocando’s impressive lyrical abilities and unique flow. “1998” follows, presenting a nostalgic and reflective view on the past. The collaboration with King Jett on “Unfolded” adds a dynamic element to the album, while “Only Friend” explores themes of solitude and introspection.

“Next Subject” features Cam and China, adding a captivating synergy to the track. “ER,” a collaboration with Mike Penthouse, showcases Nocando’s versatility as an artist. “Patois” continues the journey with a rhythmic and engaging beat, followed by “Get You Back,” a raw and emotional song about loss and longing.

“Wayside,” featuring Huey Briss and Pearl Lion, delves into the complexities of life and relationships, while “Zeroes” maintains the album’s introspective theme with a powerful message. The project concludes with “Doa,” an impactful track featuring William Thedford and SP 83, encapsulating the essence of Nocando’s artistic vision.

King Snake is a testament to Nocando’s growth as an artist, offering a diverse range of tracks and featuring various talents that complement his unique style. This introspective project solidifies Nocando’s place as a force within the underground hip-hop scene.



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