No The Piper – Nojokeland


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1 Intro 00:37
2 Nojokeland 04:18
3 What 4? 04:38
Featuring – Lil Larry
4 Roll ‘Em 04:55
5 Fa’ YAll 04:55
6 Last Night 03:08
7 Sell Ya Soul 00:45
8 Heat 05:13
9 2 Much 4 U 04:01
Featuring – Silk-E
10 Night B4 04:29
11 Real Hip-Hop 01:12
12 Just A Game 04:05
Featuring – Silk-E
13 Talk N’ Shit 05:02
Featuring – G Da Unknown, Lil Larry


“Nojokeland” is an extremely rare and sought-after album by rapper No The Piper, hailing from Oakland, California. Released on May 4, 1997, by Last Legion Records, this CD album showcases a blend of Hip Hop and G-Funk styles, highlighting No The Piper’s unique sound and approach to music.

The album features a total of 12 tracks, despite the cover listing 13. “Sell Ya Soul” and “Heat” are combined on track 7. The lineup includes “Intro” (produced by Carl Wheeler), “Nojokeland” (featuring backing vocals by Danesha and G Da Unknown, and produced by Gruuvelyne Whooride), “What 4?” (featuring Lil Larry and produced by Gruuvelyne Whooride), “Roll ‘Em” (produced by Gruuvelyne Whooride), “Fa’ YAll” (produced by Gruuvelyne Whooride), “Last Night” (produced by Mac Dash Mone), “Sell Ya Soul/Heat” (featuring backing vocals by C. Calhoun and Silk-E, and produced by Gruuvelyne Whooride), “2 Much 4 U” (featuring Silk-E and produced by Gruuvelyne Whooride), “Nigth B4” (produced by Gruuvelyne Whooride), “Real Hip-Hop” (vocals by G Da Unknown), “Just A Game” (featuring Silk-E and produced by Gruuvelyne Whooride), and “Talk N’ Shit” (featuring G Da Unknown and Lil Larry, with vocals by Makolm Osiris and produced by Gruuvelyne Whooride).

Notably, track 9 is spelled incorrectly and transposed from the original source material. No The Piper is a gangsta rap artist from Oakland, California, and a member of the group The Gruuvelyne Connection.

This highly coveted album is a must-have for any collector of rare and underground hip-hop music. With its G-Funk-inspired beats and No The Piper’s raw, authentic storytelling, “Nojokeland” provides a snapshot of the Oakland hip-hop scene in the late ’90s and stands as a testament to the artist’s undeniable talent.



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