Neva Legal – Potnaz In Crime


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1 Lyrical Warfare 05:09
Featuring – Chunk
2 Contact 04:59
Featuring – G-Boy’ee
3 Lil’ Freak 03:47
4 Double Agents Pt. 1 04:50
5 No Regrets No Regards 03:56
Featuring – The Associates
6 Playas Don’t Hate 04:17
Featuring – Ad Kapone, Scoot Dogg
7 Have U Seen My Body 04:33
8 When The Lights Go…….? 04:19
Featuring – The Associates
9 Deadly Grounds 04:16
Featuring – Mac-N-Tosh
10 Stuck Like Chuck 05:26
Featuring – G-1, L The Scholar
11 Shiesty Individuals 04:26


“Potnaz In Crime” is the debut studio album by East Palo Alto, California rap group Neva Legal. Released in 1998 by Lawless Records, the album features a blend of Gangsta and G-Funk hip-hop styles that capture the essence of late ’90s West Coast rap.

Comprising 11 tracks, “Potnaz In Crime” showcases the talents of Neva Legal members Band-Aide, G-Man, D-Dow, and Money Marc. The album includes standout tracks like “Lyrical Warfare,” “Contact,” “Lil Freak,” and “Playas Don’t Hate.” Throughout the album, Neva Legal collaborates with various artists such as Chunk, G-Boy’ee, Ad Kapone, Scoot Dogg, The Associates, and Mac-N-Tosh, further enriching the project’s sound and style.

The production on “Potnaz In Crime” is handled by a number of skilled producers, including DJ Stagg, Blackjack, Mac, Sean T, T.C., and AC. The album is mixed by G-Man Stan and The Enhancer, and it was recorded at several studios, such as Bayview Studios, Find A Way Studios, Premier Studios, and AV8 Studios. Mastered at Trakworx and pressed by CMC Disc, the album’s overall sound quality is impressive.

With artwork by Phunky Phat Graph-X and executive production by Big Ken, Neva Legal, and P.I.C., “Potnaz In Crime” represents a strong debut effort from the California-based rap group. The album’s themes revolve around street life, loyalty, and the struggles faced by those living in urban environments.

For fans of late ’90s West Coast rap, “Potnaz In Crime” is a must-listen. The album showcases Neva Legal’s lyrical skills and unique sound, making it a valuable addition to any hip-hop enthusiast’s collection.



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