MonteMadeIt – Still On The Plane


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1 Intro 02:57
2 Trust Issues 03:42
3 Going In 02:23
4 Baddest Brawds 02:40
5 Ran To That Bag 02:48
6 Cash Route 02:38
7 Outro 02:54


“Still On The Plane” is a captivating project by the talented rapper MonteMadeIt, hailing from St. Louis, Missouri. Released on February 12, 2019, by Hustler Recordings, this 7-track collection showcases MonteMadeIt’s unique sound and remarkable storytelling abilities.

The project opens with a captivating “Intro” that sets the tone for the entire album. MonteMadeIt delves into themes of trust and relationships in “Trust Issues,” displaying his vulnerability and lyrical prowess. The high-energy track “Going In” highlights MonteMadeIt’s rapid-fire flow and impeccable rhythm.

In “Baddest Brawds,” MonteMadeIt takes listeners on a ride through his experiences with various women, painting vivid images with his lyrics. The hustle and grind are explored in the tracks “Ran To That Bag” and “Cash Route,” where MonteMadeIt shares his relentless pursuit of success and wealth.

The project wraps up with a powerful “Outro,” leaving listeners with a lasting impression of MonteMadeIt’s artistic vision and talent. “Still On The Plane” is a testament to MonteMadeIt’s growth and potential in the rap game, sure to resonate with both new and seasoned fans alike.



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