MikQuis – Hard Head Street Knowledge


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1 Street Knowledge 03:19
2 Mobile Alabama 04:06
3 They Don’t Give A Fuck About Us 05:27
4 Come On With It 06:08
5 Bad Guy 05:04
6 I Need It All 04:08
7 Bull Shit 04:43
Featuring – Rich Coleon, Lucci Lu
8 What Am I Gonna Do? 04:45
9 All Night Flight 04:21
10 She A Hustler 04:49
11 Da Club 04:25
Featuring – Lucci Lu, Rich Coleon
12 Make It Right 04:18
13 Stop Lyin 03:42
14 Street Life 04:10
15 Since You’ve Been Gone 04:14
16 Don’t Wanna Love Anymore 05:03
17 Platnium Dreams 05:05


“Hard Head Street Knowledge” is a mixtape by rapper MikQuis from Mobile, Alabama, released on October 30, 2017, under Enrun Enterprise. This project showcases MikQuis’s lyrical prowess and his ability to convey life experiences through his music. The mixtape features 17 tracks, with guest appearances by Rich Coleon and Lucci Lu.

The mixtape kicks off with the powerful “Street Knowledge,” setting the tone for the rest of the project. Throughout the tape, MikQuis touches on various themes such as life on the streets, personal struggles, and the pursuit of success. Notable tracks include “Mobile Alabama,” a tribute to MikQuis’s hometown, and “They Don’t Give A Fuck About Us,” which delves into social issues.

“Hard Head Street Knowledge” also features collaborations with fellow artists Rich Coleon and Lucci Lu on tracks like “Bull Shit” and “Da Club.” These collaborations add an extra layer of depth to the mixtape, showcasing the chemistry between the artists.

MikQuis’s storytelling and wordplay are on full display in this project, as he takes listeners on a journey through his experiences and perspectives. From hard-hitting tracks like “Bad Guy” to the introspective “What Am I Gonna Do?”, the mixtape offers a diverse range of emotions and vibes that resonate with listeners.

“Hard Head Street Knowledge” is a testament to MikQuis’s talent as an artist and his ability to share his experiences and insights through his music. The mixtape stands as a strong representation of the Mobile, Alabama hip hop scene and the talent that resides within it.



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