Michelob – Street Scan


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1 Intro 00:24
2 Go 04:04
Featuring – Squeak Ru, Gail Gotti, Kurupt, 40 Glocc
3 Beat In My Trunk 04:27
4 She Wanna Hit It 04:05
Featuring – Note
5 A Place I Call Home 03:49
Featuring – Mac Lucci, P Swayze
6 Satisfied 03:56
Featuring – Rappin’ 4-Tay, Spice 1
7 Get That Gwop 04:09
Featuring – The Trapp
8 Ain’t The Same 04:15
Featuring – YB
9 Sophisticated 04:02
Featuring – Note
10 Stay Out My Phone 03:28
Featuring – Note
11 Hate Yoself 03:45
Featuring – Squeak Ru, G-Luv, Ras Kass
12 Man Everywhere 04:22
Featuring – Note, Tip Toe
13 A.C. On 03:55
Featuring – Note
14 My Kind 04:13
Featuring – Note
15 Whatchu Rockin’ 02:22
16 Cali Bangin’ 03:34
Featuring – Spade, Mac Lucci
17 Show It To Me 03:48
Featuring – Note
18 Fly Away 03:52
Featuring – Note


“Street Scan” is a hard-hitting album by Los Angeles rapper Michelob, released on April 3, 2009, under the labels Moneygang and Zoo Life. The project features an impressive lineup of guest artists, including Squeak Ru, Gail Gotti, Kurupt, 40 Glocc, Note, Mac Lucci, P Swayze, Rappin’ 4-Tay, Spice 1, The Trapp, YB, G-Luv, Ras Kass, Tip Toe, and Spade.

The album opens with a brief intro before launching into the high-energy track “Go,” featuring Squeak Ru, Gail Gotti, Kurupt, and 40 Glocc. Michelob showcases his signature flow and lyrical prowess in tracks such as “Beat In My Trunk” and “She Wanna Hit It,” featuring Note. The song “A Place I Call Home” includes Mac Lucci and P Swayze, providing a sense of nostalgia and connection to Los Angeles.

“Street Scan” continues to impress with collaborations like “Satisfied” featuring Rappin’ 4-Tay and Spice 1 and “Get That Gwop” with The Trapp. YB lends his talents to “Ain’t The Same,” while “Sophisticated” and “Stay Out My Phone” showcase more of Michelob’s chemistry with Note.

The album doesn’t shy away from addressing darker themes, as evidenced by “Hate Yoself,” a collaboration with Squeak Ru, G-Luv, and Ras Kass. The project maintains its momentum with tracks like “Man Everywhere” featuring Note and Tip Toe, “A.C. On” with Note, and “My Kind,” also featuring Note. The album concludes with the catchy “Whatchu Rockin’,” the West Coast anthem “Cali Bangin'” featuring Spade and Mac Lucci, and the introspective tracks “Show It To Me” and “Fly Away,” both featuring Note.



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