Men 2 Boys – Assclappers Intl.


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1 Boarding 00:37
2 Passport 04:31
3 Assclappers Intl. 03:44
4 Get Lit 03:27
5 Bad Boy 04:37
6 Got Damn! 04:07
7 Gang Gang 03:39
8 Like That 05:36
9 Palm Trees 01:16
10 Bubblegum 04:21
11 Foreplay 04:08
12 .22’s Verse 01:16
13 Aqua 03:34


“Assclappers Intl.” is a bold and entertaining project by the rap group Men 2 Boys from Phoenix, Arizona. Released on July 4, 2017, by Mo’ Booty Records, the album features 13 tracks that showcase the group’s skillful wordplay, energetic beats, and a unique fusion of contemporary hip-hop styles.

The album begins with “Boarding,” a short, captivating intro that sets the stage for the energetic and playful tracks to come. “Passport” follows with a catchy hook and infectious rhythm that immediately grabs the listener’s attention.

The title track, “Assclappers Intl.,” serves as the album’s anthem, celebrating the group’s lively and provocative style. “Get Lit” and “Bad Boy” continue the high-energy vibe with engaging beats and memorable lyrics that invite listeners to dance and sing along.

“Got Damn!” and “Gang Gang” showcase Men 2 Boys’ versatility, as they explore themes of loyalty and camaraderie within their group. “Like That” delivers a smooth, sultry sound that contrasts with the album’s upbeat tracks, demonstrating the group’s ability to switch styles seamlessly.

“Palm Trees” offers a brief interlude, providing a moment of relaxation before the album dives back into its party-ready sound with “Bubblegum” and “Foreplay.” These tracks maintain the album’s playful atmosphere while incorporating catchy hooks and infectious beats.

“.22’s Verse” serves as a spotlight for one of the group’s members, showcasing their individual talent and lyrical prowess. The album concludes with “Aqua,” a track that combines all of the album’s best elements, leaving listeners eager for more from Men 2 Boys.

Overall, “Assclappers Intl.” stands as a testament to Men 2 Boys’ talent and creativity, offering a refreshing and enjoyable listening experience that highlights their distinctive style and undeniable charisma.



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