Mello K – Hard & Mello


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1 Do Me 05:20
Featuring – Shawnie Ranks
2 Hold On To Your Love 04:47
3 On The Road To A Dead End 05:17
4 Him Or Me 05:20
5 Summer Days Mello Nights 04:38
6 The Mello In You 05:24
7 Grease Your Baldy 03:37
8 Run For The Border 03:43
9 40 Deep The Head Banger 03:27
10 Bring The Noise 04:01


“Hard & Mello” is the one and only album by Los Angeles-based rapper Mello K. Released on April 19, 1994, by L.A. Boy Records, this album showcases Mello K’s signature Gangsta-style hip-hop, combining hard-hitting beats with smooth melodies. With a total of 10 tracks, “Hard & Mello” is a classic example of 90s West Coast rap that still resonates with fans today.

The album features production from talented individuals like Rufus Parsons, K. Davis, and Monti Blue, who contribute to the diverse soundscapes found throughout the record. Tracks like “Do Me,” featuring Shawnie Ranks, and “Hold On To Your Love,” with backing vocals by Andre Bell and Monti Blue, highlight Mello K’s ability to create catchy hooks and memorable verses.

Songs such as “On The Road To A Dead End” and “Him Or Me” showcase Mello K’s storytelling prowess, painting vivid pictures of life in the streets of Los Angeles. The album’s production also features contributions from a range of talented musicians, including guitarist Craig Marcus and keyboardist Monti Blue, adding depth and richness to the overall sound.

“Summer Days Mello Nights” and “The Mello In You” stand out as prime examples of Mello K’s unique blend of hard-hitting beats and smooth, melodic rhythms. This distinctive sound makes “Hard & Mello” a memorable and influential release in the 90s West Coast rap scene.

Despite being Mello K’s only album, “Hard & Mello” has left a lasting impact on the hip-hop genre, earning a special place in the hearts of fans who appreciate the raw, authentic sounds of 90s Gangsta rap. This album is a must-listen for those who want to explore the roots of West Coast hip-hop and Mello K’s contribution to the genre.



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