MC Lõc – Da Loc Sta


Downloads are available as MP3-320 files.



1 Liv-N-Let Dye 03:52
2 Da House Da Funk Built 03:43
3 I Got 2 Cut Cha 04:39
4 Roc Steady 03:07


“Da Loc Sta” is an extremely rare and sought-after EP by MC Lõc, an underground rapper hailing from Long Beach, California. Released in 1994 by Raw Records and Dreadhead Records, this EP was exclusively distributed on cassette tape, making it a true collector’s item for hip-hop enthusiasts.

Featuring four tracks, “Da Loc Sta” showcases MC Lõc’s raw talent and distinctive style, combining G-Funk and Hardcore Hip-Hop elements to create a unique sound. The EP’s limited production and exclusive cassette tape format have contributed to its rarity and increased demand among hip-hop collectors.

The EP kicks off with “Liv-N-Let Dye,” setting the tone for MC Lõc’s gritty storytelling and smooth flow. “Da House Da Funk Built” follows, offering listeners a taste of the G-Funk sound that was dominating the West Coast hip-hop scene during the ’90s.

On the B-side, “I Got 2 Cut Cha” further highlights MC Lõc’s lyrical prowess and ability to command attention with his delivery, while the final track, “Roc Steady,” provides a fitting close to the EP, leaving listeners eager for more from this underground talent.

“Da Loc Sta” serves as a snapshot of the vibrant and diverse hip-hop scene in Long Beach, California during the mid-’90s. The EP’s rarity only adds to its appeal, making it a treasured piece of hip-hop history for those lucky enough to own a copy.


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