MC Eiht – Last Man Standing


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1 Under Attack 04:04
Featuring – Boom Bam
2 Kind Of Pimpish 04:38
3 Me & My Bitch 05:01
Featuring – Hie Tiimes
4 Can I Get Mine 03:05
5 Compton 4 Death 04:42
6 Tha Business 04:47
Featuring – Big Nasty, Da Foe, Lil’ Hawk
7 Any Meanz 04:34
8 Tough Guyz 04:10
Featuring – Boom Bam, Mon-Diggi
9 Got Cha Humpin’ 04:12
10 Hit The Floor 04:32
Featuring – Daz Dillinger
11 Who’s Tha Man 04:21
12 Tha Way We Run It 03:52
Featuring – B-Real
13 Anything U Want 04:05
14 Hangin’ 04:18
15 When All Hell Breaks Loose 03:50
16 Hubtouchablez 04:50
17 On Top Of All That 03:57
18 Return Fire 04:40


“Last Man Standing” is the debut solo album by Compton, California rapper MC Eiht, released on November 11, 1997, by Epic Street. The album features 18 tracks showcasing MC Eiht’s signature gangsta rap style, chronicling life on the streets of Compton and his experiences as an artist in the hip-hop world.

With production assistance from renowned producers such as DJ Slip, DJ Muggs, and Daz Dillinger, “Last Man Standing” presents a diverse array of beats and styles that complement MC Eiht’s gritty, honest storytelling. The album kicks off with “Under Attack,” featuring Boom Bam, and follows with tracks like “Kind of Pimpish,” “Me & My Bitch,” and “Compton 4 Death.”

MC Eiht also collaborates with several notable artists throughout the album, including Hie Tiimes, Big Nasty, Da Foe, Lil’ Hawk, Mon-Diggi, Daz Dillinger, and B-Real. These collaborations enhance the listening experience by offering a variety of perspectives and lyrical styles.

Standout tracks on “Last Man Standing” include “Can I Get Mine,” produced by DJ Muggs, “Hit the Floor” featuring Daz Dillinger, and “Tha Way We Run It,” featuring B-Real. The album concludes with the powerful “Return Fire,” co-produced by DJ Slip and MC Eiht.

“Last Man Standing” marks MC Eiht’s successful transition from a member of the influential rap group Compton’s Most Wanted to a solo artist in his own right. The album showcases his raw talent, captivating storytelling abilities, and unique voice, cementing his place in the world of hip-hop.



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