Mayalino – Talking Me


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1 Selling Drugs 02:49
2 Grab That Bag 02:53
3 Boom Boom 03:11
Featuring – Chrissy, Lossito
4 Vibes Run 03:41
Featuring – Jonny Varez
5 Sweet James 03:50
Featuring – Dion Primo
6 From Me 03:21
Featuring – Shaun Mecca
7 Dealer Story 02:54
Featuring – Sam Hook


“Talking Me” is an EP by Houston-based rapper Mayalino, released on February 15, 2019. The project showcases Mayalino’s smooth flow and storytelling skills as he delves into the world of street life, ambition, and personal experiences. Featuring collaborations with artists such as Chrissy, Lossito, Jonny Varez, Dion Primo, Shaun Mecca, and Sam Hook, the EP offers a diverse range of sounds and styles that appeal to hip-hop enthusiasts.

The EP opens with “Selling Drugs,” setting the tone with its gritty portrayal of street life. The second track, “Grab That Bag,” continues the theme of hustling and ambition, with Mayalino delivering catchy hooks and memorable verses.

“Boom Boom,” featuring Chrissy and Lossito, brings a high-energy vibe to the EP, while “Vibes Run” featuring Jonny Varez offers a more laid-back and introspective sound. “Sweet James,” featuring Dion Primo, showcases Mayalino’s ability to create a smooth, melodic track that contrasts with the harder themes found in other songs.

The EP takes a personal turn with “From Me,” featuring Shaun Mecca, as Mayalino reflects on his life experiences and the people who have influenced him. The project concludes with “Dealer Story,” featuring Sam Hook, which presents a captivating narrative of the street life and its impact on the people involved.

“Talking Me” is a compelling project that demonstrates Mayalino’s versatility as an artist and his ability to create captivating stories and memorable tracks. The diverse range of features adds depth to the EP, allowing Mayalino to explore different styles and sounds while maintaining a cohesive theme throughout the project. Fans of authentic street-oriented hip-hop will appreciate the vivid storytelling and raw emotion that “Talking Me” delivers.



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