The Village – Nothing To Lose


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1 Let’s Get It On 04:29
2 At Cho Ass 04:33
3 So Much Trouble 04:03
4 $ Over Bitches 03:46
5 It’s Gettin Dark 03:48
6 Gunz & Rosez 06:17
7 Pretty Pink Hole 03:57
8 Turn These Mics On 04:45
9 One Day Your Gone Die 03:28
10 Ya’ll Cant Stop This Hustle 03:49
11 Down South Thicken 04:01
12 All My Life 04:17
13 So Real 04:28
14 Nothing To Lose 04:58
15 Smoke Regardless 05:03
16 Probable Cause 01:29
17 Only God Knows 02:48
18 Land Of The Slaves 07:11


“Nothing To Lose” is the only studio album by The Village, a rap group hailing from Birmingham, Alabama. Released in 2002 by Ruff Records, this album showcases the group’s gangsta-style hip-hop sound that resonates with the grit and determination of the South. Comprised of 18 tracks, “Nothing To Lose” is a testament to the group’s talent and ability to deliver powerful verses and catchy hooks.

The album kicks off with “Let’s Get It On,” setting an energetic tone that continues throughout the tracklist. Songs like “At Cho Ass” and “So Much Trouble” highlight the group’s storytelling prowess, diving into the realities of street life and personal struggles.

Tracks such as “$ Over Bitches” and “It’s Gettin’ Dark” showcase The Village’s skill in creating memorable hooks and captivating beats. “Gunz & Rozes” and “Pretty Pink Hole” provide a mix of grit and lyricism that keeps listeners engaged.

“Turn These Mics On” and “One Day Your Gone Die” reflect the group’s relentless drive to succeed, while “Ya’ll Can’t Stop This Hustle” and “Down South Thicken” pay homage to their Southern roots. “All My Life” and “So Real” offer introspective looks into the rappers’ lives and experiences.

The title track, “Nothing To Lose,” embodies the group’s fearless approach to life and music, followed by tracks like “Smoke Regardless” and “Probable Cause” that explore themes of persistence and determination. The album concludes with “Only God Knows” and “Land of the Slaves,” leaving a lasting impression of The Village’s unique sound and message.

“Nothing To Lose” is a must-listen for fans of Southern hip-hop, offering a raw and authentic look into the lives and experiences of The Village.



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