Max-A-Mill – Hold On


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1 Maximus 04:23
2 Ghetto Tears 04:23
3 Hold On 03:57
4 Shake That Ass 04:57
5 All Up In It 04:39
6 Freakin You Tonite 04:24
7 Dont Be No Trick 05:02
8 Pallay 04:49
9 Smoke Out 04:52
10 In The Lac 04:13
11 Childhood Days 04:03
12 Halloween Havoc 04:05


“Hold On” is a studio album by Elk Grove, California rapper Max-A-Mill, released in 2007 under the New Rhyme Records label. The album showcases Max-A-Mill’s versatility as a rapper and features 12 tracks with a mix of introspective lyrics, party anthems, and storytelling.

The album starts strong with “Maximus,” a track that demonstrates Max-A-Mill’s lyrical prowess. “Ghetto Tears” follows with a somber reflection on life in the streets. The title track, “Hold On,” inspires listeners to keep pushing through life’s challenges, while “Shake That Ass” shifts gears into an energetic party anthem.

“All Up In It” and “Freakin You Tonite” dive into the sensual side of Max-A-Mill’s music, while “Dont Be No Trick” delivers a cautionary tale about relationships. “Pallay” keeps the party going, followed by “Smoke Out,” a laid-back track perfect for chilling with friends.

“In The Lac” showcases Max-A-Mill’s love for cars, and “Childhood Days” takes a nostalgic look back at the rapper’s upbringing. The album concludes with “Halloween Havoc,” a thrilling track that adds an element of mystery to the project.

With “Hold On,” Max-A-Mill demonstrates his range as an artist, offering something for every hip-hop fan. The album’s diverse selection of tracks highlights Max-A-Mill’s talent and leaves listeners eager for more.



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