Marlon Money – Let ‘Em Know


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1 The Warm Up Drill (Intro) 00:57
2 All About The Money 04:12
3 Let ‘Em Know 05:52
4 Just A Ho 05:03
5 Pop Pop Pop 05:18
Featuring – A.G., Smoke
6 Break That Bitch 05:09
7 The World Ain’t Shit 06:04
8 Salty Tears 06:39
9 D.L.T.B.B.T.R. 05:54


“Let ‘Em Know” is the debut EP by Marlon Money, an up-and-coming rapper hailing from Oakland, California. Released in 1995 by Gangsta Scene Inc., this EP showcases Marlon Money’s skills as a lyricist, beat-maker, and performer. With its gritty, gangsta-style sound and authentic storytelling, “Let ‘Em Know” makes a bold statement in the world of hip-hop.

This 9-track EP kicks off with “The Warm Up Drill (Intro),” a brief but engaging introduction that sets the stage for the rest of the project. The following track, “All About The Money,” delves into the pursuit of wealth and the motivations that drive people to chase success.

The title track, “Let ‘Em Know,” serves as a powerful anthem, asserting Marlon Money’s presence in the rap game. “Just A Ho” tells a cautionary tale about the pitfalls of relationships, while “Pop Pop Pop,” featuring A.G. and Smoke, offers a collaborative take on life in the streets.

“Break That Bitch” and “The World Ain’t Shit” showcase Marlon Money’s ability to provide commentary on the harsh realities of life while maintaining a captivating sound. “Salty Tears” slows things down, offering an introspective look at loss and heartache. The EP closes with “D.L.T.B.B.T.R.,” leaving listeners with a memorable final impression.

The EP’s production is a testament to Marlon Money’s talents, as he not only raps but also plays instruments, scratches, and provides background vocals. Fellow artists A.G., Smoke, Delsheia Gholson, and Kitty Beethoven also lend their skills to the project, contributing to its rich and diverse sound.

“Let ‘Em Know” serves as a strong debut for Marlon Money, positioning him as an artist to watch in the world of West Coast hip-hop and beyond.



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