Malo – Trip Mode


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1 Trip Mode 01:25
2 Nin Ding 02:37
Featuring – Lil Yase
3 Purging 01:56
4 Tuff 02:34
Featuring – Lil Air
5 Play Me 01:54
6 Hoe Niggas 01:36
Featuring – Boutadollaa


“Trip Mode” is a captivating EP by San Francisco-based rapper Malo, which was released on May 5, 2019, under the Section 8 Babys label. This project consists of six tracks that highlight Malo’s distinctive style and flow, while featuring collaborations with fellow artists Lil Yase, Lil Air, and Boutadollaa.

The EP kicks off with the title track, “Trip Mode,” which showcases Malo’s smooth and confident delivery over an infectious beat. The listener is immediately drawn into Malo’s world, as he narrates his experiences and perspectives.

Next up is “Nin Ding,” a collaboration with Lil Yase that offers a dynamic blend of both artists’ styles. The track boasts a catchy hook and energetic verses that are sure to leave a lasting impression.

“Purging” follows, presenting a more aggressive side of Malo, as he delivers rapid-fire verses over a dark and moody beat. The EP then transitions to “Tuff,” featuring Lil Air, where the two rappers exchange verses on a bouncy, bass-heavy instrumental, showcasing their lyrical prowess.

“Play Me” slows things down a bit, with Malo diving into more introspective territory, reflecting on the challenges and adversities he’s faced in his life. The final track, “Hoe Niggas,” features Boutadollaa and offers a high-energy ending to the EP, with both artists delivering memorable verses over a hard-hitting beat.

Overall, “Trip Mode” is a solid project that highlights Malo’s talent as an up-and-coming rapper in the San Francisco hip-hop scene. With its diverse range of beats, engaging features, and Malo’s unique style, this EP is a must-listen for fans of modern hip-hop.

Dive into Malo’s captivating world with his EP “Trip Mode.”



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