Malcolm Kells – Hiding Behind Illuminati


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1 Wish (Same) 03:31
2 Untouchable 02:39
3 No Heart 02:05
4 Heart Over Height 04:28
5 They Mad 05:00
Featuring – Glo, Flex Turna
6 Ugly 03:10
7 Keys 02:23
8 Yesterday 01:59
9 Understand 04:19
10 Trench Life 03:10
11 I Am 03:11
12 With Me 04:02


“Hiding Behind Illuminati” is an intriguing mixtape by Huntsville, Alabama rapper Malcolm Kells, released on June 26, 2017, under the Tym label. The 12-track project offers a blend of energetic and introspective songs, showcasing Malcolm Kells’ versatile rapping style and thought-provoking lyrics. The mixtape features guest appearances by Glo and Flex Turna, adding a fresh dynamic to the overall sound.

The mixtape begins with “Wish (Same),” setting a reflective tone and allowing listeners to get a glimpse into Malcolm Kells’ mind. “Untouchable” and “No Heart” follow, providing an insight into the rapper’s resilience and determination. “Heart Over Height” is an inspiring track that encourages listeners to persevere despite obstacles, while “They Mad” brings Glo and Flex Turna into the mix for an energetic collaboration.

The mixtape continues with “Ugly,” a gritty and raw track that deals with the darker side of life, followed by the catchy “Keys” and the nostalgic “Yesterday.” “Understand” delves into the complexities of relationships and life, while “Trench Life” provides a vivid picture of the rapper’s experiences. The mixtape concludes with the empowering “I Am” and the smooth “With Me,” leaving a lasting impression on the listener.

Overall, “Hiding Behind Illuminati” is a compelling mixtape that showcases Malcolm Kells’ talent as a rapper and his ability to captivate listeners with his storytelling and introspective lyrics. The project serves as a testament to the rich hip-hop scene in Huntsville, Alabama, and the abundance of talent emerging from the region.



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