Mac Reese & Keak Da Sneak – Mobbin With Mr. Sicaluphacous


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1 Boss Up 03:50
Featuring – T Millz
2 Fade To Black 03:16
3 C.E.O 02:26
4 All I Ever Wanted 03:38
5 On Top 03:37
6 Fairfield To East Oakland 03:59
7 Off The Porch 04:02
8 Stripp Out 02:24
9 Throat Slit 03:19
10 Thug ‘N’ A Drug Dealer 02:49
11 3 Days Going 03:56
12 Best Work 04:14
Featuring – Ice Meez, Kaboo
13 Were You Wantem 03:53
Featuring – B Legit
14 Run Mine 04:14
Featuring – Bless, Thraxx


“Mobbin With Mr. Sicaluphacous” is a powerful collaboration album by California rappers Mac Reese and Keak Da Sneak, released on August 22, 2016, under Black Under God Ent. The project unites the distinct styles and talents of these two artists, resulting in a memorable listening experience for hip-hop fans. With features from T Millz, Ice Meez, Kaboo, B Legit, Bless, and Thraxx, the album delivers a diverse range of tracks that showcase the skills and versatility of Mac Reese and Keak Da Sneak.

The album kicks off with “Boss Up,” an energetic track featuring T Millz that sets the stage for the rest of the project. “Fade To Black” follows, highlighting the lyrical prowess of both Mac Reese and Keak Da Sneak. “C.E.O” showcases the duo’s ability to craft engaging hooks and captivating verses, while “All I Ever Wanted” and “On Top” offer a glimpse into the artists’ dreams and aspirations.

“Mobbin With Mr. Sicaluphacous” features several notable collaborations, including “Fairfield To East Oakland,” a track that pays homage to the artists’ California roots. “Off The Porch” and “Stripp Out” demonstrate the duo’s gritty storytelling abilities, while “Throat Slit” and “Thug ‘N’ A Drug Dealer” delve into the darker side of street life.

The album closes with a series of standout tracks, such as “3 Days Going,” “Best Work” featuring Ice Meez and Kaboo, and “Were You Wantem” featuring B Legit. The final track, “Run Mine,” showcases the talents of Bless and Thraxx, bringing the album to an impactful conclusion.

“Mobbin With Mr. Sicaluphacous” is a testament to the chemistry and talent of Mac Reese and Keak Da Sneak. This collaboration album offers a diverse array of tracks that will undoubtedly appeal to fans of both artists and the California hip-hop scene.



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