M.O.E. Money – Mainza Yero (Rich Warrior)


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1 Smalltime Nickle & Dimer 03:37
Featuring – T-Nut Of S.N.O.P.
2 We Ain’t No Rookies 03:32
Featuring – Sierra
3 Find-A-Way 03:34
Featuring – M.A.C.S.T.A. Of Kalidaz
4 Get From Amongst 04:01
5 Make It Thick 04:04
Featuring – Krushadelic
6 Family Orientated 03:31
Featuring – M.A.C.S.T.A. Of Kalidaz
7 Stunt My Growth 03:33
8 Fleet Of Warships 03:34
Featuring – Jullie D Of Underground Rebellion, Mr. Key Of S.N.O.P.
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9 M.O.E.Knows 03:33
Featuring – Sierra
10 Bears And Raiders 02:46
Featuring – Krushadelic
11 M.A.I.N.Z.A. 03:15
12 Stick-N-Move 04:03
Featuring – Jullie D Of Underground Rebellion


“Mainza Yero (Rich Warrior)” is the only studio album by rapper M.O.E. Money, a talented artist hailing from Berkeley, California. Released in 2003 under Armada Entertainment, this album showcases M.O.E. Money’s skillful lyricism and unique style, blending elements of gangsta rap with a West Coast flair.

The album consists of 12 tracks featuring collaborations with fellow artists such as T-Nut of S.N.O.P., Sierra, M.A.C.S.T.A. of Kalidaz, Krushadelic, Jullie D of Underground Rebellion, and Mr. Key of S.N.O.P. The album is produced, engineered, and executively co-produced by Krushadelic, who also contributes keyboards and scratches. Additional executive production is provided by M.O.E. Money himself.

“Mainza Yero (Rich Warrior)” begins with the track “Smalltime Nickle & Dimer,” featuring T-Nut of S.N.O.P., setting the stage for an engaging exploration of street life and personal struggles. Throughout the album, M.O.E. Money delivers authentic stories and powerful messages, as seen in tracks like “Family Orientated” and “Stunt My Growth.”

The album showcases M.O.E. Money’s versatility with tracks like “Make It Thick,” featuring Krushadelic, and “Fleet Of Warships,” featuring Jullie D of Underground Rebellion and Mr. Key of S.N.O.P. The album concludes with “Stick-N-Move,” leaving listeners with a lasting impression of M.O.E. Money’s storytelling ability and distinctive style.

“Mainza Yero (Rich Warrior)” is an essential listen for fans of West Coast hip-hop, as well as those who appreciate genuine storytelling and skillful lyricism combined with top-notch production.



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