M.C. Mr. Tink – Quest For Survival


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1 Intro 01:42
2 Victim Of The System 03:44
Featuring – Steve Tushar
3 Skin Head Skit 00:30
Featuring – Terrace Town Posse
4 Skin Head Night 04:19
Featuring – Assassin Of The Mobsters, Jim Cee, Mook Nasty
5 Ball Yo Ass To The Grave 05:01
Featuring – Mr. Meat Man, Storm
6 My Nine 03:22
Featuring – Lil Weed, The Dirt Clan
7 I Need A Game Plan 04:27
Featuring – Junior P.
8 I Done Seen It All 03:17
Featuring – DJ M-Walk, Storm
9 Dirty Dog Bitches Skit 00:45
Featuring – China Girl, G.T. Stone
10 Dirty Dog Bitches 04:39
Featuring – Mr. Meat Man, The Born Killa
11 Quest For Survival 04:13
12 Rhymes Over Flowin’ Skit 00:06
13 Rhymes Over Flowin’ 04:15
14 Drifting On A Memory 04:43
Featuring – DJ M-Walk
15 How Long It’s Gonna Last Skit 00:22
16 How Long It’s Gonna Last 04:20
17 Straight For The Street 04:34
18 Love For The Homies Skit 00:23
Featuring – G.T. Stone, Lil Weed, DJ M-Walk, Mr. Meat Man
19 Love For The Homies 05:01
Featuring – G.T. Stone, Lil Weed, Mr. Meat Man, Storm
20 Shout-Out Track 06:05


“Quest for Survival” is a rare and highly sought-after album by rapper M.C. Mr. Tink, also known as Trip C, from Compton, California. Released in 1994 by Funk-N-It Up Records, the album features 20 tracks, characterized by G-Funk style hip-hop. Born and raised on the streets of Compton, M.C. Mr. Tink made a name for himself in the underground rap community before undergoing a transformation and dedicating his life to spreading the word of God through his music.

“Quest for Survival” is filled with powerful beats and meaningful lyrics, providing listeners with a raw and authentic experience. The album includes tracks such as “Victim of the System,” “Skin Head Night,” and “I Need a Game Plan.” M.C. Mr. Tink collaborated with several talented artists like Steve Tushar, Terrace Town Posse, and DJ M-Walk, resulting in an album that showcases the rapper’s versatile skills and unique style.

The album was engineered by The TSR, executive-produced by De Von Robinson, mixed by The TSR, and produced by DJ M-Walk. “Quest for Survival” serves as a testament to M.C. Mr. Tink’s incredible talent and his dedication to creating music that resonates with listeners and inspires them on their own personal quests for survival.



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