Luniz – Oakland Blaze


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1 Stay Packin’ Heat 04:24
Featuring – Dat Nigga Daz, Kurupt
2 Take It Off, Break Me Off 04:10
Featuring – Treach
3 Makin’ Moves 04:51
Featuring – Dru Down
4 Narcotics 02:39
5 Cuz Yo Bitch Wants To 03:50
Featuring – Nina Ross
6 Fuck You 04:16
Featuring – C-Bo
7 I’m Dangerous 04:11
Featuring – Dru Down
8 Too Many Issues 04:57
9 Mic Check 03:07
10 Nobody’s Love 03:41
Featuring – Run
11 I’m A Raider 04:49
12 South 2 Da West Coast 03:09
13 Pockets Deep & Plenty 03:51


“Oakland Blaze” is an unofficial compilation release by the renowned Oakland, California rap group Luniz, composed of Yukmouth and Numskull. Released in 1997 by C-Note Records, the compilation features a collection of tracks that exhibit the duo’s exceptional talent and unique hip-hop style.

The compilation kicks off with two versions of “Stay Packin’ Heat,” featuring Dat Nigga Daz, Kurupt, and Treach. The tracks showcase the group’s ability to collaborate with other prominent artists in the genre, creating powerful and memorable songs.

“Makin’ Moves,” featuring Dru Down, highlights the duo’s ambition and relentless drive, while “Narcotics” delves into the darker side of life on the streets. “Cuz Yo Bitch Wants To,” featuring Nina Ross, and “Fuck You,” featuring C-Bo, demonstrate Luniz’s unapologetic approach to their lyrics and storytelling.

“I’m Dangerous,” another collaboration with Dru Down, reinforces the group’s reputation as a force to be reckoned with in the rap scene. “Too Many Issues” and “Mic Check” display Luniz’s ability to tackle complex subject matter with their signature style and lyrical prowess.

“Nobody’s Love,” featuring Run, showcases the duo’s softer side, offering a different perspective on love and relationships. “I’m A Raider” and “South 2 Da West Coast” pay homage to their Oakland roots, while “Pockets Deep & Plenty” concludes the compilation with a celebration of success and the rewards that come with it.

Although “Oakland Blaze” is an unofficial release, it successfully captures the essence of Luniz’s dynamic sound and pays tribute to their significant impact on the world of hip-hop.



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