Lucy Diamonds – Poor Dream Redemption (Special Edition)


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1 Speed It Up 03:47
Featuring – Ron G
2 Now That I Found Love 04:12
3 That Lady Lucy Diamonds 03:41
4 Glamorous Life 03:36
Featuring – Amil
5 Logic And Theory 02:06
Featuring – Audio Stepchild
6 Pulp Fiction 03:36
7 Blood Diamonds 03:40
8 Creflo Dollaz 02:41
Featuring – Greyson, Jasun
9 New Life 04:02
Featuring – Aasim
10 Feelin It 03:36
11 Weight Of The World 03:28
Featuring – Jonathan Hay
12 Testosterone 04:11
Featuring – Roc Raida
13 Check To Check 03:54
14 Conflict Diamonds 03:40
15 Collide 04:52
16 Baltimore (Reprise) 01:37
Featuring – Haze
17 Backyard In Baltimore 04:05
18 June 13th 03:10
Featuring – Haze
19 Now That I Found Love (Remix) 02:20
20 Kitty Kitty Bang Bang 02:48
21 Who I Am (Remix) 03:30
22 Tell It 04:15
23 Diamonds (Outro) 01:25


“Poor Dream Redemption (Special Edition)” is a captivating project by Atlanta-based rapper Lucy Diamonds. Released on January 1, 2019, by Doughshop Records, this 23-track album showcases Lucy’s unique style, versatility, and prowess in the hip-hop scene. With features from Ron G, Amil, Audio Stepchild, Greyson, Jasun, Aasim, Jonathan Hay, Roc Raida, and Haze, the album is a diverse collection of powerful collaborations.

The album opens with the energetic “Speed It Up,” featuring Ron G, setting the tone for a dynamic journey through Lucy’s world. “Now That I Found Love” follows, offering a heartfelt reflection on finding love in unexpected places. “That Lady Lucy Diamonds” showcases Lucy’s lyrical skills and confident swagger.

“Glamorous Life” features Amil, delivering a catchy, upbeat anthem, while “Logic And Theory” highlights Lucy’s collaboration with Audio Stepchild. “Pulp Fiction” and “Blood Diamonds” dive into Lucy’s storytelling abilities, painting vivid pictures through her lyrics. “Creflo Dollaz,” featuring Greyson and Jasun, brings a fresh vibe to the album.

“New Life,” featuring Aasim, is a powerful tale of transformation and growth. “Feelin It” and “Weight Of The World,” featuring Jonathan Hay, show Lucy’s introspective side. “Testosterone,” featuring Roc Raida, offers a hard-hitting track with a relentless beat.

The album continues with tracks like “Check To Check,” “Conflict Diamonds,” and “Collide,” showcasing Lucy’s range and talent. “Baltimore (Reprise)” and “Backyard In Baltimore,” both featuring Haze, offer a unique perspective on life in the city. “June 13th” and “Kitty Kitty Bang Bang” deliver infectious hooks and memorable verses.

With remixes of “Now That I Found Love” and “Who I Am,” Lucy Diamonds keeps listeners engaged, and the album closes with “Tell It” and “Diamonds (Outro),” leaving fans eager for more.



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