Lucci Lu – Set It Off


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1 Set It Off 03:20
2 Goons With Me 04:06
Featuring – Punnie Pa$o, Mik Quis, Rich Coleon
3 Medicated 02:56
4 I Know 03:56
5 Do Something 03:20
6 Use 2 02:52
7 Motto 03:03
Featuring – Mag
8 On It 03:34
Featuring – Yung Hd
9 G’s 04:00
10 Trying 2 Get It 02:48


“Set It Off” is a mixtape by Mobile, Alabama rapper Lucci Lu, released on November 17, 2016, through Enrun Enterprise. The project consists of 10 tracks and features collaborations with several talented artists, including Punnie Pa$o, Mik Quis, Rich Coleon, Mag, and Yung Hd.

The mixtape kicks off with the title track “Set It Off,” showcasing Lucci Lu’s energetic flow and lyrical prowess. Throughout the project, the rapper explores various themes, such as ambition, street life, and personal struggles, offering listeners an authentic representation of his experiences.

“Set It Off” features a number of notable collaborations, adding depth and variety to the mixtape. The track “Goons With Me” is a standout, featuring Punnie Pa$o, Mik Quis, and Rich Coleon, while “Motto” includes a guest appearance by Mag. Lucci Lu also teams up with Yung Hd on the song “On It.”

Lucci Lu’s mixtape displays his versatility as an artist, offering a mix of hard-hitting tracks and introspective moments. Songs like “Medicated” and “I Know” demonstrate his reflective side, while “Do Something” and “Use 2” showcase his ability to deliver catchy hooks and engaging beats.

“Set It Off” is a solid project that highlights Lucci Lu’s talent as a rapper and lyricist. With its diverse range of emotions and sounds, the mixtape is a testament to the thriving hip hop scene in Mobile, Alabama, and the rich talent it possesses.



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