L$P – Comin’ Real Wit It


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1 Get Back Intro 03:41
2 It’s All Good 02:36
3 Mekka Lekka 03:34
4 Lasalle Street Playaz 05:37
5 Nothin’ Nice 05:22
6 Lifestyles Of A Playa 03:32
7 Comin’ Real Wit It 04:13
8 Who’s Da Man 03:56
9 P.A.Z. 03:57
10 Playaz N Da Game 04:38
11 A Nite N Da Town 05:03
12 Fuckin’ Clown 04:23


“Comin’ Real Wit It” is an extremely rare gem of an album by the rap group L$P (La$alle Street Playaz) hailing from Phoenix, Arizona. Released in 1995 by Sick Set Records, this album showcases L$P’s authentic G-Funk and Gangsta style that made a significant impact on the hip-hop scene of the time.

The album kicks off with “Get Back Intro,” setting the stage for the gritty and raw tracks that follow. “It’s All Good” continues to build on the album’s energy, offering a laid-back beat and smooth lyrics that embody the essence of G-Funk.

“Mekka Lekka” and “Lasalle Street Playaz” bring the group’s name to life, providing listeners with a taste of the streetwise wisdom and clever wordplay that made L$P a standout act in the mid-90s. “Nothin’ Nice” and “Lifestyles Of A Playa” delve deeper into the mindset of the group, exploring themes of power, respect, and the hustle of life on the streets.

The album’s title track, “Comin’ Real Wit It,” serves as a declaration of L$P’s authenticity and commitment to staying true to their roots. “Who’s Da Man” and “P.A.Z.” further cement this ethos, showcasing the group’s ability to deliver hard-hitting verses with a catchy flow.

“Playaz N Da Game” and “A Nite N Da Town” provide a glimpse into the everyday life and experiences of L$P, demonstrating the group’s storytelling abilities and solidifying their status as genuine players in the hip-hop world. The album concludes with “Fuckin’ Clown,” a final reminder of the group’s unwavering dedication to keeping it real.



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