Louis V – Addict


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1 Intro 01:10
Featuring – DJ Child
2 Selfish Dream 03:16
Featuring – The Jacka, Raw Talent
3 They Don’t Make Em Like Us 03:16
Featuring – DB Tha General, Mr. Manish
4 Swing It Like 02:27
Featuring – Skipper, Player Life
5 Take This Pill Interlude 01:08
Featuring – PGM
6 Save The World 02:17
Featuring – Goos
7 Phantom Cookies 02:40
Featuring – Stevie Joe, Raw Talent
8 Ydfwmnm 02:15
Featuring – Traxamillion, Baby Eazy-E 3
9 Put It All On Me 03:12
Featuring – Xmg
10 Adios 03:21
Featuring – The Jacka, Lorenzo Lamar, Lil Rue
11 Selfish Dream (Instrumental) 03:18
12 They Don’t Make Em Like Us (Instrumental) 03:59
13 Swing It Like (Instrumental) 03:29
14 Save The World (Instrumental) 03:20
15 Phantom Cookies (Instrumental) 03:07
16 Ydfwmnm (Instrumental) 03:05
17 Put It All On Me (Instrumental) 03:51
18 Adios (Instrumental) 04:15


“Addict” is a dynamic mixtape by Oakland, California-based rapper Louis V, released on November 13, 2015, through Zuminati Productions. The project showcases Louis V’s unique style and lyrical prowess, while featuring collaborations with notable artists such as The Jacka, DB Tha General, Stevie Joe, Lil Rue, and others.

The mixtape starts with a captivating “Intro” featuring DJ Child, setting the stage for the collection of tracks that follow. “Selfish Dream,” featuring The Jacka and Raw Talent, delves into personal aspirations and the pursuit of success. “They Don’t Make Em Like Us,” with DB Tha General and Mr. Manish, is a confident anthem celebrating authenticity and individuality in the rap game.

“Swing It Like” features Skipper and Player Life, adding a catchy, upbeat vibe to the mixtape. The “Take This Pill Interlude” with PGM serves as a brief but intriguing transition, leading into “Save The World,” a collaboration with Goos that focuses on making a positive impact.

“Phantom Cookies” sees Louis V teaming up with Stevie Joe and Raw Talent, creating a memorable track with infectious beats and clever wordplay. “Ydfwmnm” features Traxamillion and Baby Eazy-E 3, while “Put It All On Me” with Xmg explores themes of loyalty and trust. The mixtape closes with “Adios,” a powerful collaboration with The Jacka, Lorenzo Lamar, and Lil Rue.

In addition to the vocal tracks, “Addict” also includes instrumental versions of several songs, allowing listeners to appreciate the production and beats that make this mixtape stand out.

With its diverse range of tracks and collaborations, “Addict” highlights Louis V’s talent and potential in the rap scene. The mixtape offers a captivating blend of introspective lyrics, engaging beats, and memorable features that will leave a lasting impression on listeners.



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